Best Antibacterial Soap for Tattoo in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

In educating people on how to treat a new tattoo the one recommendation that you will see repeated by everyone is the use of antibacterial soap. 

Antibacterial soap kills more germs and prevents infection from starting. It also is moisturizing to the skin and the hydration improves healing.

The majority of all tattoo artists recommend that you wash a new tattoo twice a day with an antibacterial soap. They also recommend that you use soaps and lotions that have no dyes or perfumes added.

Top 5 Best Antibacterial Soap for Tattoo

COSCO Pure Liquid Green Soap
  • 1- Made With Natural Vegetable Oils
  • 2- Made in USA
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Blue Green Liquid Soap
  • 1- Fragrance Free
  • 2- Vegan Friendly
  • 3- Enriched with aloe vera
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Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap
  • 1- Infection Defense
  • 2- Antibacterial – Antimicrobial
  • 3- Deep Cleaning
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Blue Green Foam Soap
  • 1- Reduce irritation
  • 2- Natural Ingredients
  • 3- No rinse foam soap/span>
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One Tattoo World Blue Soap
  • 1- Highly concentrated soap
  • 2- Alternative soap for greensoap
  • 3- Cleansing & soothing
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Top 6 Best Soap for Wash Tattoo Brands

#1. Pure Liquid Green Soap by CoscoProducts

Pure Liquid Green Soap by CoscoProducts

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This soap is effective for cleaning your medical equipment and sterilizing equipment prior to a procedure. It easily cleans away germs and bacteria, and it can clean away dried blood and protein soils that may get on your equipment, skin, or scalp.

This is a fantastic product that can be slightly diluted and placed in a spray bottle for you to use on the skin before the tattoo procedure. That allows you to remove any possible contaminants from the skin before you start to work.

This soap is effective and it is also biodegradable and safe for the environment. It has ingredients that include vegetable oils and glycerin. It is safe to use that is not likely to cause any allergic reactions or skin irritations.

You do not want to use the soap on your skin without diluting it in water. It is a very concentrated formula. You can use it on equipment at full strength, but even for cleaning equipment, most artists choose to dilute the soap.


  • Kills the majority of bad bacteria on your skin
  • Gentle and safe for all skin types
  • Pleasant smell
  • Lathers quickly and rinses away cleanly


  • More expensive to buy than regular soaps.

#2. Blue Green Liquid Soap by H2Ocean

Blue Green Liquid Soap by H2Ocean

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This is a great skin cleansing agent for use after a tattoo. The soap is made to be both antibacterial and antimicrobial so germs are not likely to escape its presence. You will have less chances of infection if you properly clean with this soap twice a day.

The soap does not include any parabens and has no added fragrance. Most tattoo artists recommend that their clients use dye-free and fragrance-free soaps and lotions for aftercare. This soap meets all of those requirements.

Aloe vera has been used to enrich the soap. Aloe vera promotes faster healing, soothes irritated skin, and helps to moisturize the skin. The soap almost acts like a lotion. Since there are no animal products or by-products in the soap it is absolutely vegan friendly.

This soap works with the foam soap dispenser but you do not have to have a foam dispenser to use it. You do not even have to rinse the area after applying the soap because it is formulated to be left on the skin.


  • So gentle it does not have to be rinsed off of the skin once applied
  • Will moisturize and protect the skin
  • Non-toxic and safe around children and pets
  • Prevents the possibility of infection causing germs penetrating your skin


  • Does not lather as well as regular soap does.

#3. Deep Cleansing Antimicrobial Soap by tattoo Goo

Antibacterial Deep Cleansing Soap by tattoo Goo

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Tattoo Goo has developed a deep cleansing soap that is specifically formulated to be used on the wounds created by new tattoos and body piercings. The soap has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties so it effectively removes the germs and bacteria to reduce the possibility that you will have any infections or abscesses after tattoo or body piercing work.

The soap is antibacterial which usually means it is harsh and will dry your skin out. This formula is harsh on germs but gentle on your skin. It is even possible to use this soap on sensitive skin.

The soap contains lauricidin. Lauricidin has a distinct molecular structure that allows it to make deeper penetration of the skin so it cleans deeper than just the top surface when you use the soap. This allows you to get more germs removed and keep your skin healthier. It does not contain any alcohol so burning that is associated with alcohol is not a concern.

It not only washes away bacteria and helps prevent infections it actually helps the skin to heal quicker. This is great for use after a cartilage piercing when you want the skin to heal faster than six to twelve months.


  • Deep cleans without added scrubbing
  • Can be used on fresh tattoos and piercings
  • Does not usually cause any redness or reactions
  • Contains no alcohol so it does not burn when applied


  • Overuse will cause your skin to dry out and crack which can increase the chance of infection.

#4. Blue Green Foam Soap by H2Ocean

Blue Green Foam Soap by H2Ocean

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The blue green liquid soap by H2Ocean is only matched in quality by this foam soap. The foam soap is easy to use and feels a little lighter on your skin than the liquid soap does. You can also use foam soap to help you remove bandage glue and stickers that you get at the hospital. The foam dissolves the glue and makes the sticker come off with no pain or pulling

This is an antibacterial soap that is highly effective for killing unwanted germs and bacteria. It has active ingredients of Benzalkonium Chloride, Purified Water, Poloamer 188, Aloe barbadensis Leaf Juice, Disodium EDTA, and salt. The bottle is perfectly sized to allow you to wash one small to medium size tattoo three to four times each day until it is completely healed.

It is designed to not only cleanse your healing wound but to help keep the colors of your tattoo vibrant and vivid. This foam is formulated for tattoo care but there are similar products from this manufacturer that are excellent for the care of piercings.


  • Has great lathering responses
  • Can soften and protect skin through the Aloe
  • Does not feel heavy or greasy
  • Has a light scent


  • This is a little bit expensive.

#5. Blue Soap by One Tattoo

Blue Soap by One Tattoo

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This is a highly concentrated soap so this 16.9 oz bottle will last for a very long time. The suggested dilution formula is one part soap to ten to eighteen parts purified water. This one bottle will make as many as 1.5 gallons of soap for you to use.

This is specifically designed to be used as a tattoo aftercare cleanser. It washes away the dirt and possible contagions while leaving the skin supple and hydrated. It is scent-free so no perfumes will cause irritation to your newly tattooed skin. It is safe and gentle and can be used on the tattoo area before scabs or healing begins.

One of the greatest attributes of this soap is its ability to wipe away easily without you having to apply to undo pressure or large amounts of water to the area. You can also use this soap as a hand cleaner in the bathroom of your home or office. It is safe to use and easily tolerated even by sensitive skin.


  • Can be used on sensitive skin
  • Will not stain skin or clothing
  • Creates a nice lather with very little friction
  • Is non-toxic and has no dyes or perfumes


  • You have to dilute the soap yourself and many people make the product too strong.

#6. Humco Green Soap Tincture

Humco Green Soap Tincture

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This is a medical prep wash that is designed to leave the skin clear of bacteria and infection-causing contagions. It is specifically designed to be used prior to a medical procedure and whether you have thought of it or not a tattoo is a medical procedure that invades the protection and sanctity of your skin.

This soap is not just for use on the skin, although it can be used on the skin, it is designed to clean medical equipment and is often used in clinics, hospitals, medical offices, dental offices, and tattoo shops. It has the natural lavender essential oil in it so the aroma left behind after using the soap is a calming and relaxing one.

The soap is also a wonderful treatment for poison ivy exposure and breakouts, chigger bites, and eruptions of cellulitis. It can be used around your home to treat common scrapes and skin conditions that need proper cleansing. It promotes healing and removes bacteria.


  • Can be used to alleviate itchy painful reactions
  • Washes away bacteria without burning 
  • Smells like lavender so it is calming
  • Can be used on children and people with sensitive skin conditions


  • This is a medical prep soap and it costs more than regular soap does.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Tattoo Soap

How to use a Tattoo Soap

Antibacterial soap is recommended by every tattoo artist to their clients. They instruct you to clean your new tattoo between two and four times each day using this kind of soap. Before you run out to buy some soap consider what you are looking for, and what ingredients and benefits each soap could have for you.

Antibacterial Tattoo Soap Ingredients

The ingredients of the soap are the main thing you should base your judgments on. You want a soap that has as many natural ingredients as possible. The closer you stay to nature the farther you stay away from problematic reactions.

Try and get soaps that have skin benefitting ingredients that are soothing like Aloe Vera. You want a soap that is dye-free and perfume-free. The dyes and perfumes in these cleansers can cause you to have burning or irritation if you use them on fresh tattoos.

Tattoo Soap Brands

Over time you have developed a trust in certain brands. They may be the brands your mother bought or the brands your tattoo artist recommended. If you have used a particular brand in the past and had good results with the product then there is no reason to switch brands.

Brand loyalty is built on products that work and people trust the product and feel safe when using it.

Antibacterial Soap Cost

The most expensive soap is not always the best soap for your skin or needs. Consider the ingredients and benefits of the substance and do not fall into the belief that products cost more or better. That is simply not true.

Your Skin Type

You know your skin. You know if you have sensitive skin that reacts badly to some soaps and creams. Sensitive skin needs to be considered when buying these soaps. Look for products that say they are gentle on the skin or safe for sensitive skin.

How to use a Tattoo Soap

The application of tattoo soap should be gentle. The rinsing away of the soap should be done with minimal amounts of water. For this reason, soaps that have been specifically designed for use after a tattoo are often better choices than the over-the-counter soaps in the local stores.

To wash a new tattoo, you should:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap prior to touching your tattoo
  • Apply a few drops of warm to cool, NOT HOT, water to the tattoo using a damp piece of gauze or paper toweling
  • Place a small amount of soap on your fingertips and gently rub the soap over the tattoo. Gently means do not apply any real pressure, do not rub at one area for an extended amount of time. The touch should be as light as butterfly kisses.
  • Then rinse the soap away, unless you have purchased a soap that needs no rinsing
  • When rinsing you want to dab the soap away using a moist piece of gauze. Use the least amount of water you can during this part of the process.
  • Apply the lotion or cream that your tattoo artist recommended
  • Repeat the cleaning process between two and four times a day.


  • When the area starts to develop scabs make sure you do not moisten the newly formed scabs and cause them to turn loose. The scab is a way of your body building a protective layer so leave it in place.
  • Do not use a cloth that has a rough feeling when you are cleaning a new tattoo. It might sound enticing because these areas often itch but the rough cloth can actually damage the skin
  • If you notice any extra redness, rash, itching, swelling, or discomfort discontinue using the soap you are using and seek advice from your tattoo artist or medical provider.

Why should you Use Antibacterial Soap? 

Why should you Use Antibacterial Soap

Antibacterial soap is more effective at killing germs and bacteria that lead to infections, rashes, and skin conditions.

A tattoo is an open wound. The protective skin of your body has been disturbed and cannot stop bacteria like staph from getting inside and causing you to get sick. You have to properly care for this unprotected area of skin until it heals and a new layer of skin has developed.

Antibacterial soap is your first defense and should be used several times a day every day. You come into contact with a host of bacteria every day at home, outside, in public. You want to make sure and wash away anything you can before it starts growing.

Green soap for tattoo aftercare 

Green soap for tattoo aftercare

Green soap is specially formulated to be used on the wounded areas of skin where there is a possibility of infection. The soaps are environmentally friendly and are made from mostly natural ingredients that are proven to be gentle yet effective.

Many tattoo artists create a spray from the green soap so they can apply it to your skin without touching the skin. Anytime you can avoid making contact with the skin with anything that is not sterile you should do so.

Green soap also promotes healing and hydration which can help the area to heal and even protect the ink that was used in your body art from fading.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long after a tattoo can you shower normally?

You should wait 24 hours before you get into a shower with a new tattoo. You should also avoid standing where the water runs continuously on the newly tattooed area. 

When can I stop using soap on my new tattoo?

Do not stop using tattoo cleaning techniques until the wound is completely healed. You want to keep up the practice until after the scabs have fallen off on their own and the skin is no longer sensitive to the touch.

Does soap have to be antibacterial to kill germs?

No, but antibacterial soap kills and removes a lot more germs than soaps that do not have antibacterial properties.

How long are you supposed to wait to wash your tattoo?

You are supposed to wait a full day before you clean the tattoo. Your tattoo artist applied an ointment after they finished that should protect the wound and needs to be left on the wound for at least 24 hours.


How long are you supposed to wait to wash your tattoo

If you are looking for a great soap that is highly concentrated then consider the Blue Soap by One Tattoo. The small container of soap will make more than a gallon of usable soap. This is because the soap is meant to be diluted with one part soap and up to ten parts purified water.

If you want to buy soap to care for one small or medium size tattoo consider the Blue Green Foam Soap by H2Ocean. It is perfectly formulated to clean and help tattoos heal. The container is large enough to give you enough soap to wash your small to medium tattoo between two and four times a day.

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