Best Lamp and Light for Tattooing in 2022 – Buying Guide & Reviews

In an effort to make sure our readers know as much as possible about everything they need to create unique tattoo designs we would be remiss if we did not include perfect lighting choices. You cannot create the best tattoo if you do not have perfect visual acuity where you are working.

We visited a large number of salons and shops to see what the artist had to say about the best lighting for tattooing. We got a lot of great production suggestions, and some wonderful tips on how to choose the lighting that is best for your needs.

Top 7 Best Lamp for Tattooing

#1. Rolling Base Magnifying Floor Lamp by Brightech

Rolling Base Magnifying Floor Lamp by Brightech

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With this light, you will have the extra illumination you need and you will have the ability to amplify what you are looking at too. This circular lamp has LED lights circled around a magnifying glass. Everything is on a base that has size wheels and is easy to maneuver. You roll it where you want it and then get to work.

The LED lights in this device are designed to operate for a period of twenty years before they need replacing. You are going to get plenty of use before that amount of time is up.

The magnifying glass is made with diopter glass. Diopter glass is heat resistant and will not warp or distort over time. The glass is also scratch-resistant and able to provide clear vision much longer than the cheaper plastic lenses will.

This lamp is perfect for sewing, tattooing, doing crafts like puzzles, and cross-stitching. It allows you to magnify items and bring them into focus when they are up to 13 inches away. You get to see every intricate detail so your tattoo work is impeccable and without flaw.


  • Bright light from LED that does not increase heat on customer
  • Glass lens is durable and efficient
  • Easy to reposition
  • Affordably priced


  • Heavier than many similar items

#2. Tattoo Artist 24-Watt Floor Lamp by OttLite

Tattoo Artist 24-Watt Floor Lamp by OttLite

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This floor lamp is specifically designed to make life easier for tattoo artists. The lamp is a floor lamp with a low-profile base so it does not take up a huge amount of space. It also has a flexible neck so you can position the light exactly where you need it to illuminate the area where you are putting the tattoo.

The maintenance of this light is very easy. It uses one “C” bulb. Replacing the bulb is as simple as unscrewing the bulb and putting the replacement in. Each bulb is going to have the ability to last for about 10,000 hours so you are going to use the lamp for years before you need to replace the bulb.

The light reduces eyestrain when you are reading, are concentrating on something like a tattoo design. It keeps you from squinting and allows you to work longer and make sharper lines.

The flexibility of the neck allows the light to be lowered to a height of 42.5” or raised to a height of 49” according to the job you are doing and how close you need the light to be to your client. 


  • Adjustable according to your needs
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low-cost operation
  • Easy to clean


  • Over time the flexible neck loses some of its ability to hold tightly when positioned.

#3. Tattoo Lamp by GIJUANRING

Tattoo Lamp by GIJUANRING

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This is an LED ring light that produces between 3200 and 5600 Kelvins. That means the light it emits is closer to being like natural sunlight and allows you to see with less strain or effort. You choose the strength of the light you need at the time, and make the dimming adjustments from 10% of the lighting capacity to 100% of the lighting capacity.

The ring light is a floor-style lamp that is also foldable and portable. It comes with a convenient carry case so you can transport the light and take your tattoo business where you wish to. You will also get make-up or magnifying mirror with the light. One side of the mirror shows true size depictions and the other side magnifies the image so you can see it in greater detail.

This light is great for home photo lighting, tattoo artists, salons, and more. It does not create an excessive amount of heat while it is working so you can be comfortable while using the light to work.


  • Easy to set up
  • Aesthetically pleasing for any décor
  • Transports beautifully with the unique folding design
  • Does not create excessive heat


  • The light is not as bright as some other lamps of similar size.

#4. Jimking Ring Light

Jimking Ring Light

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This ring light has a super bright LED bulb to create bright white light. It has two color settings for you to choose from. You can have the warm light or the cool light with the simple flip of a switch.

The light has a USB plug so it can easily plug into your laptop or desktop computer. It has a clamp to hold it perfectly in position, and the neck of the light is flexible so you can point the beam where you need it the most. The light is battery powered so once you charge it you can move the light to any location even if a power source is not available at the new location. It will operate for several hours on a single charge.

You can use this light source for tattooing, for reading, as a bed lamp, as a desk lamp for students or work, for a make-up light or a manicure light, and can even use it when filming a live show.


  • Versatile and can be used in homes and businesses
  • Lightweight and very easy to move
  • Versatile color settings give you light control
  • No power cords to trip over


  • The charge on the light can run out before you finish needing the light.

#5. Clip On Reading Lights by Skymore

Clip On Reading Lights by Skymore

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These lights are unique because they give you the opportunity to select between three color modes. You can have warm light, warm-white light, or bright white light. You can also choose from ten separate levels of brightness so you have the right amount of light.

The aluminum metal frame keeps the light from being heavy. The neck of the light is flexible so you can position the beam to shine where you need it the most. It operates on battery power and when the battery gets weak you simply plug the device into a computer using the USB cable provided. When it is charged using the convenient clamp to clamp the light on a desk or a secure object close to where you need the illumination.

The LED bulbs are cool burning and the light will not cause uncomfortable heat for the tattoo client. The bulbs are long-lasting and should provide service for as many as twenty years so you do not have to worry about maintenance or changing of the bulbs.


  • Long-lasting effective lighting
  • You choose the brightness you need
  • No power cords so it can be used anywhere, even in a tent or outside
  • Lightweight and very easy to move


  • The height is not adjustable.

#6. Magnifying Lamp by GOTOTOP

Magnifying Lamp by GOTOTOP

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This floor lamp uses LED technology to create bright light that is cool to the touch and low maintenance. The cool to the touch lamp will not cause burns or injuries to you or to your clients. The bulbs are long-lasting and you should not have to change them but once every ten to twenty years.

This is a floor lamp that can be rotated 3600 so you can have light where you need it. It is perfect for tattooing, permanent makeup, and other work needs. It also has a magnifying glass in the center so you can see the fine details with clarity and even when your eyes begin to tire you will still have a good visual of the tattoo lines you are needing to make.

The base has four casters so the floor lamp moves easily and can be repositioned with almost no effort.


  • Sturdy base on casters that make it easy to reposition
  • Clear magnification from the magnifying glass 
  • Does not get excessively hot while in use
  • Looks great and is affordable


  • Heavier than the majority of floor lamps.

#7. Headlamp for Tattooing by Tat Tech

Headlamp for Tattooing by Tat Tech

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This light is on a headband that wraps around the tattoo artist’s head. That makes the light perfectly positioned for the artist in the exact location where it is needed. No shadows are created because nothing will be between the light and the surface you are needing the light to illuminate.

The LED lights in this headlamp provide very bright light and create almost no heat. There is no chance of injuries, discomfort, or burns to the client or to the tattoo artist. The on and off switch is easy to reach and you have three light settings to choose from.

This is a lightweight, low-maintenance, easy-to-use device that is portable and practical. It gives you all the light you need without costing you a lot of money or taking up a lot of space in your shop.


  • Does not get hot or create any burn possibilities
  • Gives precise light where you need it
  • Versatile light settings so you control the brightness
  • Very small and portable


  • You have to wear this item around your head so it can be difficult to learn how to use.

What Kind of Lamp is Best for Tattooing

What kind of lamp is best for tattooing

The best kind of lamp for tattooing is an LED light source. LED lights burn brighter and create a more natural-looking light without the yellowing that is often seen in some traditional light bulbs.

A lamp for a tattoo artist has to have a flexible neck so the light can be positioned to illuminate the exact location. This also makes the LED a better choice because LED lights do not create the same amount of heat as traditional light bulbs create. That means the person the light is being shown at will not feel uncomfortable or get hot while you are doing your work. This is a safety feature because it means no burns.

A magnifying lamp is ideal for tattoo artists because it allows them to get a clearer view of the fine details and intricate lines they are trying to create. Read our top tattoo artist chair reviews.

Things to Remember Before Choosing the Tattoo Lamp

Things to Remember Before Choosing the Tattoo Lamp

Before you buy your first lamp for your tattoo establishment there are a few things to consider that will help you choose the best light.

Portability of Tatto Lamp

If you have a tattoo location that is not going to change then any floor lamp will do good for you. If you are going to do tattoo work at other locations then you need a light source that is easy to carry with you. You want to have a carry case and if possible, have the light be powered by batteries so you will know that you have a power supply for the light when you get to your destination.

Tattoo light Power Source

These lights may be powered by batteries or by traditional electrical cords. The power source is a personal-preferences, but keep in mind that the battery-powered units may need to be charged before you finish the tattoo you are working on.

Magnifying Capabilities

Many of the floor lamps also have a magnifying glass that allows you to focus on fine details of the design. These magnifying glasses are not mandatory but they can sure be helpful.

LED Tattoo Lamp Cost

You have to set a budget and discern how much you can afford to spend on a lamp or lighting source at this time. When your budget increases you can always upgrade your lighting. If you want to know more about the cost of tattoo foot pedals, check out this post.

People Also Asked for Tattoo Light

Can I use a Desk Lamp for Tattooing?

You can use a desk lamp, and many of the best lights are desk lamps that clamp onto the side of a desk or table. The desk styles with clamps are more portable, small, light, and they are generally battery-powered units.

Can I use a Floor Lamp with a Traditional Light Bulb for Tattooing?

This is really not recommended. A standard light bulb produces enough heat to stop small animals and plants from freezing in extreme temperatures. That same bulb would create enough heat that both you and your tattoo client would be uncomfortable and could possibly be burned during the procedure. A traditional light bulb also does not operate for as long as the LED light bulbs do so you would have to change bulbs more often.

Are rolling floor lamps safe to use?

Rolling floor lamps are indeed safe to use in a tattoo shop. The bases of these lamps are usually weighted so they are not easy to tip over. That allows you to freely move them without fear of an accident.

Final Word

The lighting you choose will make a large distance in the quality of the tattoo work you can do. You must have adequate lighting to be able to see the design you are creating.

If you are looking for a headlamp, we suggest you look closer at the Headlamp for Tattooing by Tat Tech. These small devices are inexpensive, they provide a lot of bright white light, and they are very portable. They are also comfortable to wear and are not usually a cause of headaches or neck strain.

Floor lamps, headlamps, and desk lamps are all good choices. Every artist and every shop has different lighting needs.

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