Best Nose Ring for Sensitive Skin in 2022

People who have sensitive skin have a hard time buying jewelry that does not cause them to have an allergic reaction. Several of my friends suffer from this problem. 

When they asked me to help them find the best nose ring for sensitive skin, I reached out to local piercing specialists, and to a couple of dermatologists for the answer.

Top 5 Nose Ring for Sensitive Skin Comparison Chart

FIBO STEEL 20G- Nose Ring Hoop
  • 1- Made from stainless steel
  • 2- High Polish Smooth Surface
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Ldurian Surgical Steel Nose Ring
  • 1- Elegant and polished
  • 2- Comfortable to wear
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Briana Williams Nose Rings
  • 1- Hypoallergenic
  • 2- Contains 10Pcs
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D.Bella Fake Nose Ring
  • 1- Multiple uses
  • 2- Fake faux nose rings
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Nose Rings for Women by Bella
  • 1- Set of 24 pieces
  • 2- Different shapes and colors
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The 7 Best Sensitive Skin for Nose Ring

#1. 20G Stainless Steel Nose Ring Hoop by FIBO Steel

20G Stainless Steel Nose Ring Hoop by FIBO Steel

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Surgical stainless steel is one of the safest materials for people who have allergic reactions to other metals like gold and rose gold. Stainless steel is a durable metal that is hypoallergenic and the majority of all people can tolerate it. That makes it perfect for piercings, especially piercings through cartilage.

The surface of these rings is highly polished and it looks stunning. This is a five-piece set of different colors and looks so you have versatility and choices in the style you choose each day. The colors stay beautiful on the rings and you do not have to worry about it fading or them starting to look dull.

The rings come in different sizes. If your nose is slightly larger than average, or the piercing you have is slightly higher than most, then you may want to consider ordering the larger size rings.

The rings can be kept clean and sterile using a simple saline solution to daily cleanse them. The saline solution will not mar the color or design and the ring stays sanitary.


  • Multiple sizes available
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Easy to apply
  • Versatile style for men or women


  • Not versatile enough to be worn in other piercing sites.

#2. Surgical Stainless Steel Hinged Nose Ring by Ldurian

Surgical Stainless Steel Hinged Nose Ring by Ldurian

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Surgical stainless steel has been used in this creation and the result is a hose ring that is hypoallergenic, strong, and durable. The beauty of this piece will last for a long time because it is crafted from some of the finest materials in the world.

There is no lead or cadmium used in this jewelry. You do not have to worry about allergic reactions that could be painful or irritating. The metal will never tarnish like silver and will never rust like cheap metals do. It retains its luster and shines to look as good years from now as it does today.

The hinge of the earring opens up to make it possible to place this in a septum piercing, as a nose ring hoop, a helix piercing, a tragus piercing, a conch piercing, and more. It is very versatile, and once the hinge is closed you do not have to worry about the earring falling out or being lost even during physical activity or sleep.


  • Sturdy and durable material
  • Is not likely to cause any adverse reactions because of the surgical stainless-steel construction
  • Closes securely 
  • Acceptable for both sexes


  • Slightly larger than many other styles of nose rings.

#3. Surgical Steel Nose Rings by Briana Williams

Surgical Steel Nose Rings Rings by Briana Williams

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These nose rings are divine little CZ studs. The CZ is 2 mm so the ring is attractive, demure, and distinguished all at the same time. You can wear this piece as everyday wear or use it when you are going somewhere special and want to look your very best.

This is a 10-piece set that will not be damaging to sensitive skin. Even if you have a known allergy to substances like gold you will find that the surgical steel jewelry is safe for you.

The rings are universal and can be worn on either side of the nose. All ten of the pieces are identical so you always have a clean and sterile piece ready to wear without having to sterilize your ring on a daily basis.

The screw shape of the stud is a little more difficult to insert than the L-shaped rings are. The screw shape does help prevent accidental loss.


  • Affordable and stylish
  • Stays in place and does not easily fall out
  • Easy to clean and keep sterile
  • Large number of pieces gives you more options


  • This piece of jewelry is hard to learn to insert and not ideal for new piercings.

#4. Faux Nose Rings by D. Bella

Faux Nose Rings by D. Bella

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If you really want to have the appearance of a nose piercing, but have not yet had the puncture made this faux jewelry will allow you to look like your nose is pierced. It is the perfect way to experiment with how your nose will look pierced, and how people will react to you when you are wearing a nose ring.

This is a highly affordable piece so you do not have to pay a lot to get the look you want. It is a six-piece set that comes in six different colors so you can match your attire or mood with a specific color design.

The pieces are easy to open and close so putting the ring in position will not be a problem. You can even wear the jewelry in several locations to create the illusion of conch piercings, helix piercings, septum piercings, and more.


  • Easy to close to keep them safely in place
  • Unisex design can be worn by anyone
  • Simple yet elegant can be worn casually or when dressing up
  • Hypoallergenic so it will not create redness or swelling


  • The pieces are so easy to open and close that they often come open and get lost.

#5. 18G Nose Rings and Assorted Jewelry by D. Bella

18G Nose Rings and Assorted Jewelry by D. Bella

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There are 18 separate pieces in this nose ring set. You get a fantastic combination of hoops and L-shaped studs in an amazing array of colors and colored stones. You will be ready for any day and any mood because you will have the perfect piece of jewelry to match your energy and style.

All of the pieces are made from surgical steel so they are hypoallergenic. They will not tarnish and they will not corrode. The color on them will remain rich and elegant and you will not have to worry about fading or dimming of brilliance.

This jewelry can be worn in several piercing locations to create unique groupings and looks. You will find them easy to insert and less painful than some similar pieces.


  • Versatile and appropriate for several piercing sites
  • Not to masculine and not too feminine
  • Variety of styles and shapes
  • Will not rust or corrode even when soaked in sterilizing cleaners


  • These pieces are slightly heavier than some similar pieces of jewelry.

#6. Surgical Steel Nose Ring by JOFUKIN

Surgical Steel Nose Ring by JOFUKIN

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This single nose ring is easy to open and close, but once you have closed the hinge it is almost impossible to lose. It stays in place and takes the worry of accidental loss away. 

This item is very affordable. It is also made of surgical-grade stainless steel so there is no chance that you are going to have any adverse reactions to wearing it. It can be cleaned and sterilized without any worries of damaging the finish or causing the piece to become dull.

The item is sold in different gauge sizes. If you are uncertain about what gauge your piercing is the manufacturer recommends that you check with the person that pierced your nose. You do not want to buy a ring that is gauged too large for your piercing because you can create pain and possible cartilage damage while inserting it.

This ring can be purchased in different colors so it appears to be rose gold or silver. It looks very good and although it is a simple piece it looks distinguished so you can wear it when you need to dress up a little.


  • Creates no skin reaction so it is safe for everyone
  • Perfect for guys or gals
  • Affordably priced
  • Hinged design keeps item secure


  • You must be careful to purchase the right gauge size according to your piercing.

#7. 20G Nose Ring Pieces by YEELONG

20G Nose Ring Pieces by YEELONG

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This 20G set of nose ring jewelry comes with 31 separate pieces that can be worn along or together. You get 8 pairs of nose hoops in different looks and 15 separate studs that have different front stones and decorations. You will always have the perfect piece of jewelry to wear.

The items are all very durable and long-lasting. Surgical steel is a strong metal that maintains its character for years without any corrosion or tarnishing. The jewelry contains no nickel and no lead so you can wear it even if you have sensitive skin or allergies that prevent you from wearing other metals.

These pieces can be used in a large assortment of piercing locations. You get pieces that can be worn as nose rings, conch rings or studs, tragus, helix, Daith, and even as lip rings.


  • Wearable in several places on the body
  • Large variety of pieces lets you create unique combinations
  • Will not tarnish or corrode over time
  • Easy to put in and take out with no pain


  • This is a large gauge that may be more suitable for male wearers than for females.

Where to Put Nose Ring 

Where to put nose ring 

If you have decided to have your nose pierced there is a good chance that you have seen a nose piercing that you thought looked good. Many people actually argue about the location that is best for these pieces of jewelry, but each person should have the freedom to wear their rings in the position they find best.

There are several places on the nose that piercing experts traditionally make the punctures for the purpose of adorning with jewelry. If you have not decided exactly where to put your piercing consider the following.


The septum nose piercing is going to be right under the tip of your nose in the cartilage that separates the two nostrils. Most people who have septum piercings wear hoops, bones, or very decorative jewelry pieces in their piercing.

Nostril Piercing

The most favorable location for a nostril piercing is at the crease line of the nostril. The nostril on either side of the nose can be pierced, or you can pierce both sides for a custom look.

With nostril piercing, there are other placements that can be made as well.

  • High on the nostril on either side of the nose is a frequent piercing. With this piercing you are limited to stud jewelry.
  • Double piercings close to the crease

Whatever piercing you decide on will help you to select the jewelry you can wear in the piercing. You should also think about possible future piercings you may want to get so you do not make a piercing that stops you from being able to get others later on.

Ring and Stud Styles 

There are several ring and stud styles available to wear in nose piercings. The style you choose should reflect your identity and spirit.

Twist Nose Stud

The twist nose stud is the most commonly chosen style. 

Rings and Hoops

These pieces come in different metals, different colors, and they can be simple with no adornment or they can be intricately carved. The hoops and rings can be decorated with stones and other elements to create very unique pieces. These can hinge open and close to create a solid loop that stays in place or they can be open-ended.

Circular barbells

These are very popular to wear in a septum piercing.


Studs can be:

  • Bone studs that are slightly larger at the very end. This bulbous end keeps the jewelry in position.
  • Twist style that is curved and keeps the jewelry in place. The adornment will sit flush against the nostril when wearing these.
  • L post that helps keep the jewelry in position. These are slightly easier to insert than the twist style is.
  • Pin style that are straight. These pieces need to be custom bent by a piercer so they stay in place.

Prong vs Bezel Setting

A lot of the debate between prong and bezel settings can be solved by personal choice. But each style does have benefits the other style lacks. You should try both styles so you can learn which you are most comfortable with, and which style you think looks the best.

Pros of Prong Settings

  • They are designed to showcase the gem stone and show as much of the stone as possible
  • The amount of light that enters the stone creates an elevated appearance
  • The amount of light entering the stone through this setting type allows the stone to look more brilliant
  • They have a timeless look
  • They are very easy to clean
  • Most gem cuts work with the prong settings

Pros of Bezel Settings

  • The gem is better protected from possible damage
  • The style is sleek and more modern
  • The stone sits lower and creates a low-profile ring that does not easily catch on clothing
  • The gem is held firmly in place and less likely to come out of the setting

What Type of Jewelry is Best for Nose Piercing? 

The style that you like determines which piece of jewelry is actually best. However, there are a few recommendations from piercers and people who have piercings that you might want to consider.

  • Buy jewelry made of hypoallergenic metals that are easy to sterilize and will last for a long time. Titanium, surgical grade steel, and niobium are all great.
  • Choose the right gauge, and if you have any concerns of the jewelry falling out and getting lost choose a twist style that does not easily back out.
  • Check the gauge and always wear the proper gauge. Too small can get lost and too big can be painful.

Things to Avoid When Getting a Nose Ring 

Things to Avoid When Getting a Nose Ring

When you have gotten your nose pierced there are a few things you should resist or avoid doing.

  • Do not put makeup like foundation and powder over the piercing opening.
  • Do not use hydrogen peroxide on the piercing
  • Do not put antibacterial ointments like Neosporin on the piercing unless instructed to do so by your piercer
  • Do not fiddle with the jewelry after you get it in place. Do not twist the studs and just try to keep your hands away from the pierced site.
  • Do not share nose jewelry with anyone. Even your best friend or sister are not suitable candidates for sharing this type of jewelry.
  • Buy jewelry made of surgical steel to avoid allergic reactions. You can also purchase titanium jewelry for this reason.

People Also Ask For Nose Ring for Sensitive Skin

Should a nose hoop be tight?

A nose hoop should NOT fit tight. If your hoop fits tightly or causes a sensation of pressure there is a good chance that you are wearing a piece of jewelry with a gauge that is larger than your piercing is able to accommodate. If you feel pain or discomfort when inserting or wearing a nose ring check the jewelry for proper gauge sizes.

Are nose studs attractive?

Beauty truly lies in the eye of the beholder so some people will vehemently answer this as yes while others will just as vehemently answer no. The beauty or attractiveness of a nose stud depends on your personal preferences. I can say that some studs are more delicate and the stones on them are more pleasing than others.

What side of the nose should a woman Pierce?

Typically, women pierce the left nostril. This is a practice that is a Hindu tradition. It is said that the piercing on the left nostril can help to alleviate or reduce menstrual discomfort and even help with pain during childbirth. This practice began with Ayurveda medicine that used punctures and holistic treatments to ease pain and suffering.


A nose ring is a fashion or style statement. It says something about your personality and getting one can be a little scary. If you want to try out what a nose piercing would look like on you then we suggest you check out the Faux Nose Rings by D. Bella. You get 6 rings that you can wear in different piercing locations to find out how that piercing style would affect your looks.

If you already have a piercing then all of the other recommended products are safe and great-looking. Let your personality shine by choosing jewelry that is uniquely designed to reflect the inner you.

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