Best Red Tattoo Ink Reviews & Guide in 2022

When creating a tattoo that incorporates red coloring you want the best red tattoo ink so you get a vibrant color. You want a red color to pop, and not look washed out like faded barn wood.

I talked to several tattoo artists about their thoughts on red ink, and what kinds of red ink they would recommend. I was searching for an affordable product that had been tested and proven to be reliable. The artists that worked with me on this understood what I was after and they recommended their own favorite products, and they gave me some insight into the red ink to share with my readers.

Top 5 Red Ink for Tattoos

Kuro Sumi Dragon's Breath Red
  • 1- Bright color
  • 2- Vegan friendly
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Blue Green Liquid Soap
  • 1- Long-lasting
  • 2- Vibrant color
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VIPER RED Millennium Moms Ink
  • 1- Perfect consistency
  • 2- Highly pigmented
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Dynamic Fire Red Tattoo Ink
  • 1- Vibrant red color
  • 2- Highly pigmented
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Intenze Bright Red Tattoo Ink
  • 1- Sterilized ink
  • 2- Quick dry
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Top 7 Best Red Ink Tattoo Brands

#1. Dragon’s Breath Red Tattoo Ink by Kuro Sumi

Dragon’s Breath Red Tattoo Ink by Kuro Sumi

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If you are looking for a very bright red ink that is organic and vegan friendly then you have found the perfect one. This is an intensely vibrant red that is totally organic so less likely to cause reactions.

The ink is an amazing color and if you want to lighten the intensity of the red you can dilute it some. It is so vivid that a very tiny amount goes a long way because it does not take a great deal of color packing to make it stand out.

This is sterile ink that should not cause any reactions or problems on the skin or for the individual. The ink should be applied using sterile equipment and in a sterile setting.

Avoid bright sunlight exposure until your tattoo heals because the sunlight can cause the colors of the ink to fade. Also never put Vaseline or petroleum products on your fresh tattoo as these agents can also diminish the vivid appearance of the red ink.


  • Totally organic with no toxic ingredients
  • Cruelty free testing practices
  • Small amounts are all you need to create a great shade of color
  • Can be used on most skin types


  • This formula has a tendency to fade quickly if subjected to exposure to sunlig

#2. Tattoo Ink Set by Millennium Mom’s

Tattoo Ink Set by Millennium Mom’s

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This is a three-ink patriotic ink set with red, white and blue colors. The pigment colors are bright and vibrant. They are consistent throughout the bottle, and they create rich tones that are durable and long-lasting.

Millennium Mom’s products are made in the United States. They have been tested and used by professional tattoo artists for many years and have proven to be exceptional products. They are also extremely affordable and easy to find.

The ink is smooth and it flows very easily. That means less trouble transferring the ink from the bottle to the needle and then the skin. This ink is specifically designed to be used on a stick and poke creations. It will work in a tattoo gun, but the best results will be found in the stick and poke technique.

The tattoo ink is fade-resistant. It has vivid colors that stand out after the tattoo heals, and it is sterile and ready to use. You can be confident and feel safe using this ink.’


  • Smooth flowing ink does not clump
  • Made in the USA under strict regulations
  • Affordably priced and easily available
  • Creates lasting color that has a low fade tendency


  • May cause allergic reactions in some people.

#3. Viper Red Tattoo Ink by Millennium Mom’s

Viper Red Tattoo Ink by Moms

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This red ink has been the favorite of many tattoo specialists for years. It is an ink designed to perform best when the tattoo is applied using the stick and poke method. It is okay to use in a tattoo gun and will create a bright red color no matter which application style you prefer.

The ink is thinner than many inks because it is designed to be used with the stick and poke. It is made in the USA and the quality of the ink and performance is highly respected throughout the tattoo communities.

This ink is even more vivid when you are under a blacklight. When you go out to the clubs your tattoo is going to stand out and be noticed because of this. It is formulated to glow when exposed to black light.

The ink is durable and will be creating long-lasting colors for your design. It is not quick to fade and has a low rate of allergic responses to it.


  • Very low instances of allergic responses
  • Bright color is slow to fade and long-lasting
  • Made in the USA under strict guidelines
  • Highly visible under blacklight


  • Not recommended for tattoo’s applied using tattoo guns either coil or rotary style because it is so thin.

#4. Fire Red Tattoo Ink by Dynamic

Fire Red Tattoo Ink by Dynamic

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This Fire Red ink from Dynamic is a brilliant color in ink that has high integrity. The formula used to create the ink is never tested on animals. It is totally a vegan approved ink that is manufactured and developed in the United States.

It has reliable ink saturation that lasts for a long time. Many artists mix the colors of the ink to create custom colors for their unique and intricate designs. The ink holds up well on its own or as a mixed substance.

This is hypoallergenic ink that is safe and non-toxic. It can be used on people who have sensitive skin and has a very low rate of allergic responses, even to red ink.

Once you have opened the ink bottle it is recommended that you use it all before a twelve-month period has elapsed. You should mark the outside of your bottles with the date they were opened so you can be sure that the Ink you are using has not expired.


  • Can be used as a mixed substance
  • Creates vivid colors that are not easily washed out or faded
  • Tolerated well by the majority of people
  • Developed, tested, and made in the USA


  • Expires in twelve months if not all used you must discard.

#5. Bright Red Tattoo Ink by Intenze

Bright Red Tattoo Ink by Intenze

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This tattoo ink will arrive sterile and in a sealed bottle so you know that no contaminants have gotten inside. It has a long expiration date so you do not have to be in a hurry to use all of the ink in a short period of time.

This ink is true red and will stay true red when it is applied. It provides a bright color that is fade and wear-resistant. Years after the application you will still be seeing an amazing red color on your tattoo.

This is a hypoallergenic formula so there will be few instances of reactions or rashes caused by the introduction of this ink into the body. Tattoo artists agree that this is one of the safest inks they have found and that fewer of their customers complain of any rash, bumps, or extreme fading from the ink.

To have the ink at the proper consistency you need to shake the bottle for about three minutes prior to opening. This will ensure that the contents are thoroughly blended and the ink is a consistent color throughout the bottle.


  • Vivid color that stands out
  • Hypoallergenic formula makes it safe to use on the majority of all people. When in doubt do a spot test.
  • Lasts for many years with little to no fading over time.


  • If the bottle is not shaken for three minutes or more prior to usage you will not get reliable results.

#6. Rose Red Pigment Color by Biotouch

Rose Red Pigment Color by Biotouch

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This pigment color formula can be used as tattoo ink, but is primarily designed for tattoos of the lips and facial features when the artist is creating permanent makeup. The ink comes in a 15 ml bottle which is significantly larger than the bottles that other manufacturers make.

The expiration period of the ink is very long, and the durability is very high. This ink has the tendency to remain bright and beautiful for many years. It is slow to fade and creates a low number of allergic responses.

This authentic ink is manufactured in the United States. It is a safe-to-use product that is not tested on animals and is vegan friendly.

You can mix different colors to create a custom and unique color for your creation. You should never mix different brands of ink because the resulting product will not have the stability or performance abilities that the original inks had.


  • High durability so your tattoo last longer
  • Comes in a large bottle and has no expiration date
  • Vegan friendly formula that goes through cruelty free testing procedures
  • Affordable


  • Red ink can cause reactions in some people so you should always do a spot test before doing a large application.

#7. Scarlet Red Tattoo Ink by StarBrite

Scarlet Red Tattoo Ink by StarBrite

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This fabulous ink is manufactured in Connecticut, United States. That means every time you buy a bottle you support an American business that employs American citizens. You also get the confidence that the creation and ingredients of the ink is strictly controlled under the laws and regulations governing these products.

The color of the ink is great. It is a deep red that can be used for lining or as filler depending on the tattoo design you are working with. It lasts for years after being applied.

The formula of the ink is thin, but that allows it to be an excellent choice of inks for stick and poke tattoo techniques. It also allows the ink to be easier to transfer into the skin, so it is easier to get a quantity of ink that is required with fewer sticks.

The ink contains no traces of iron or nickel. It is strictly vegan-friendly and sterilized to protect you and your customers. It is not tested on animals and has few reports of allergic reactions among users.


  • Reliable product containing no nickel or iron properties
  • Sterile and ready to use
  • Bright color stands out on the skin
  • Great for a liner or a filler and people have few reactions to it


  • To thin to be effectively applied using a rotary or coil machine.

Things to Consider Before Buying Red Tattoo Ink

Allergic reaction to red tattoo ink 

Allergic reaction to red tattoo ink 

The most common ink to cause an allergic reaction is red tattoo ink. The reactions can range from very mild to more severe. One thing that most people do not understand is the rash from a reaction to the ink pigments can happen minutes after the tattoo is created, or days after the ink is in place, and it could even be months or years after you get the tattoo.

A reaction may present as raised bumps over or around the area where the tattoo is. The rash may itch or may be nothing more than rough feeling skin. It can be red and irritated in appearance.

A lot of people discover after they get a tattoo that they have sarcoidosis. The condition can cause itching and swelling. It is not a condition caused by the red ink but for some reason often appears on top of tattoos. This condition will require you to see a doctor for ointments to treat the symptoms and in severe cases, the doctor must write a prescription for immunosuppressant medications.

What’s in Red Tattoo Inks

Red Tattoo Inks

The different manufacturers use different mixtures of ingredients to create the ink they sell. There is not a setlist of ingredients. There are some common items that are used in ink creation.

Heavy metals such as cadmium, iron, and ferricyanide are often found in the red tattoo ink. Mercury and iron oxide used in the creation of the red pigment are often what causes people to experience allergic reactions to the ink.

Soot and ash are frequently used in the creation of red. You may also find lithium, selenium, sulphur, calcium, and arsenic in the ink composition.

Other common ingredients include:

  • Methanol
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Glycerine
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Propylene glycol
  • Chromium
  • Metal salts
  • Plastics
  • Ethyl alcohol

There are no regulations forcing the tattoo ink manufacturer to reveal the list of ingredients found in their product.

People Also Asked for Red Tattoo Ink

Is red tattoo ink dangerous?

Tattoo ink is not dangerous. You can have an allergic reaction to the ingredients in the ink. The majority of reactions are nothing more than some raised bumps and skin irritation. The danger of a tattoo is in the application. If sterile measures are not maintained the risk of infection and severe blood born disease is present.

What is the safest tattoo color?

Black colored ink is the safest of all tattoo inks. The black inks are generally formed using carbon black as an active ingredient. The ingredients in the black ink are the least likely to cause you to have an allergic reaction, and the black ink is considered to be the longest-lasting7 ink.

How long does red tattoo ink last?

The lasting ability of tattoo ink is dependent on several factors. The depth that the ink is placed in the skin is one of the major influences on the longevity of the ink. The ingredients used to create the ink are another contributing factor to the staying ability of ink. Lastly the care you give your tattoo and the amount of exposure to things like sunlight affect the amount of time the ink will last.

Is red tattoo ink easy to remove?

No tattoo ink is actually easy to remove. The black, blue, and green inks are frequently easier to fade out with a laser treatment. Red, orange, yellow, and white ink is harder to remove because they respond less to the laser breakup therapy.

Final Note

Demon red tattoo ink

Red is a color that has to be bright and has to pop. If red is dull, it looks washed out and can ruin the overall look of the creation.

We recommend that you try several different red colors from the list above and then when you find one that you are really happy with stick to that color and brand.

Pay attention to the method of application the color is designed to be used with. This can make a big difference in the look of your ink.

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