Best Tattoo Armrest: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

One of the main priorities of tattoo artists is in the comfort of their customers. In order for a customer to be still, they need to be relaxed and positioned in a comfortable manner. With that being said, we looked into the best tattoo armrest ideas that would allow customers to be comfy while the artist works.

We talked to our in-house artists and several of their friends to find out which armrests are most frequently used, and how to select the right one for a salon. The following results and tips are the items that were most frequently recommended to us.

Top 5 Tattoo Armrest

Heavy Duty Armrest
  • 1- Height Adjustable: 24 to 34 Inch
  • 2- Armrest Weight: 20lbs
  • 2- Armrest Pad Size: 13 to 10 Inch
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CAKMSMAO Tattoo Arm Rest
  • 1- Adjustable Height 24-37 Inch
  • 2- Armrest Pad Size: 15 * 7 Inch
  • 3- Armrest Weight: 10 lbs
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Foldable Tattoo Armrest
  • 1- Adjustable Height 28 – 47 Inch
  • 2- Armrest Pad Size 6.6 x 8.6 Inch
  • 2- Comfortable to use
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DNYSYSJ Tattoo Armrest Stand
  • 1- adjustable height: (68-100cm)
  • 2- Armrest Pad Size: 16×7 Inch
  • 3- Weight: 9.2lbs
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InkBed Deluxe Armrest
  • 1- Adjusts from 21 to 41 Inch
  • 2- Armset pad size 18 Long x 4 Wide Inch
  • 3- Swivel Tilt Mechanism
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Top 8 Tattoo Arm Rests

1. Heavy-Duty Tattoo Armrest by WorldWide Tattoo Supply

Heavy-Duty Tattoo Armrest by WorldWide Tattoo Supply

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This is a relatively lightweight piece of equipment that is easy to transport if you do your tattoo work from different locations. It weighs in at only 20 pounds and has a large circular base that allows it to stand steady so the customer’s arm is supported and the stand is not wobbling.

This is an adjustable stand and can be set at heights between 24” and 34” so you can accommodate a larger number of customers. It can be used to rest arms or legs and to rest hands while tattoos are being created.

The cushion on the rest is thick so it provides maximum comfort to the individual. It is covered with a vinyl material that can be easily washed and sanitized after each use. It is very durable and adds a nice look plus convenience to your tattoo business.


  • Comfortable
  • Provides a stable resting place for customer arms
  • Easy to adjust for different heights


  • The vinyl material is not as durable as some leather materials are.

2. Heavy Duty Adjustable Height Tattoo Armrest by CAKMSMAO

Heavy Duty Adjustable Height Tattoo Armrest by CAKMSMAO

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The iron base on this armrest allows it to be stable and strong. It is designed with four feet that balance the base so it does not tilt or sway while you are working. This piece of equipment assembles in as few as 3 minutes. It goes together quickly and securely.

The angle of the arm supporting pad is adjustable so you can make your customer more comfortable and create easier access to the area you are tattooing. This arm support is thickly padded so it is soft and will not cause undue discomfort to the arm resting on it.

The height of the rest is adjustable and this device can be used to support arms, legs, or feet. There is a padded cover on the table that can be removed for deep cleaning purposes.


  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Sets up quickly
  • Supportive and gives added comfort to clients


  • Making the height adjustments can be difficult.

3. Foldable Tattoo Armrest by New Star Tattoo

Foldable Tattoo Armrest by New Star Tattoo

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The tripod style stand, this armrest is supported by can be easily folded to allow the equipment to be easier to transport or store. The legs of the tripod-style stand are fashioned from metal so they are sturdy and durable.

The height of the unit is adjustable and the angle at which the support pad sits can be easily adjusted so the customer is more comfortable with their arm or leg resting on the unit. This piece can be set up for use when you are tattooing on arms, wrists, hands, ankles, feet, or even on legs and thigh areas.

This piece is very light so it is ideal for people who travel to different locations to do their work. It has a thick foam on the supporting section and a washable cover that allows you to keep the equipment sanitary and germ-free.


  • Portable
  • Washable
  • Efficient


  • This armrest is very lightweight and may not be as supportive or durable as heavier pieces are.

4. Padded Tattoo Armrest by BSTOOL

Padded Tattoo Armrest by BSTOOL

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This leather-covered armrest pad is one of the most comfortable pads on the market. It is chosen by many artists because it provides ultimate comfort and is totally cleanable. When the customer leaves you simply wipe the material of the cushion off with a disposable antibacterial wipe and you are ready for the next client.

This item is fully adjustable in height and angle of the armrest. It has a solid frame that is sturdy and less likely to wobble or allow the stand to rock while you work. It is portable and easy to store so you can have it handy and have it out of the way when it is not needed.

The unit is great for helping tattoo artists as they work on hands, wrists, arms, feet, legs, and more. You can make your client comfy and make the area you are working on easy to access by using this device.


  • Cushioned comfort
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Sturdy and less shaky than some other styles of armrests
  • List


  • Does not comply with every chair and seat type.

5. Tiltable Tattoo Armrest by InkBed

Tiltable Tattoo Armrest by InkBed

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The armrest pad on this portable tattoo stand is longer than the traditional rests on most stands. It measures 18.75” in length, and is 4” wide and 4” deep so your customer has ample length for their arms, and enough width to feel safe and secure.

The resting pad is completely adjustable so you can create the angle that works with the style of tattoo you are doing and the way the customer is seated. The angle adjustment allows your customer to sit in any position they find comfortable and still gives them access to the area they have chosen for their tattoo.

The height of this stand has greater adjustment capabilities than most stands. This device can be set at 21” in height or moved up to 41” in height. You have greater flexibility and choices so you can offer greater comfort and stability.


  • Adjustable to multiple heights
  • Affordable
  • Very comfortable


  • The angle adjustment is easy to turn and can come loose and turn while you are working.

6. Tattoo Armrest by Estink

Tattoo Armrest by Estink

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This is a versatile piece of equipment. It can be used to support arms, hands, feet, and legs while you work. It adjusts from 28.6” in height to a full 47” in height easily. The angle the pad is positioned at is easy to change, and the entire piece can be wiped down with antibacterial cleansers after each customer.

There are three legs at the base of the stand. The three legs eliminate much of the instability and wobble that portable stands like these often have. Additional anti-slip rubber caps have been placed on each leg.

The stand is easy to fold so that it can be transported or stored. The three legs fold together and the angle of the pad can be adjusted so it rests against the main body of the stand making it easy to tuck this equipment into a corner for storage purposes.

The cushion on the resting pad is created with a thick sponge that is soft and pliable so it returns to its shape after each use. The leather covering is very easy to clean.


  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Unique leg configuration creates greater stability
  • Leather covering


  • Do not allow clients to sit on or lean heavily against the rest.

7. Arm or Leg Rest Stand by RedScorpion

Arm or Leg Rest Stand by RedScorpion

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This arm or leg rest stand makes it easier to create flawless tattoo designs for your customers. The stand has an adjustable height that raises it from 27.6” to 41.3 inches so it accommodates all chair heights and customer heights. It also has a tilting rest pad that allows the angle at which the arm or leg is positioned to be changed so the customer is the most comfortable and you have the best access to their tattoo area.

The rest pad is cushioned so it is soft and does not cause any discomfort. It is covered in thick leather so it is easy to clean after each use. The leather-covered pad is removable from the stand so you can easily wipe every inch of the pad down. The frame of the unit is stainless-steel so it is strong, durable, and rust and corrosion-free.


  • Supportive yet comfortable
  • Removable pad is easy to clean
  • Adjustable height increase your comfort


  • Not intended to be a safety device that prevents slips or falls from the seat.

8. Height Adjustable Tattoo Armrest by Greeensen

Height Adjustable Tattoo Armrest by Greeensen

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This is a unique tattoo armrest stand. The bottom section of the stand is flat so it creates a base that does not move or wobble while you work. Instead of the typical thin dowel used on most stands, this one utilizes a square tubing that makes it more durable and gives it increased strength.

The height of the square tubing is still adjustable and you can raise and lower the height of the padded rest. The angle at which the armrest is positioned is also adjustable so you can make your clients comfortable and make your work easier.

This stand is easy to set up, easy to take down and store, and light enough that you can move it around in the shop or transport it with ease. Utilizing equipment like this enhances the professional appearance of your work area. It also shows your customers that their comfort is important to you.


  • Precision support
  • Professional and comfortable
  • Totally adjustable


  • The stand can wobble slightly if great amounts of pressure are applied to the armrest.

9. Foldable Tattoo Armrest by AW

Foldable Tattoo Armrest by AW

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This foldable tattoo armrest is useful when the artist is working on hands, feet, shoulders, wrists, ankles, legs, and arms. It has an adjustable height so it works with every chair and exam table that you might use. It also has an adjustment for the angle of the resting pad so it works with tall customers, short customers, and any stool or chair the artist may use.

The legs are tripod style and they fold together to create a low profile that is very easy to carry or store. With three legs the stand is given a more stable base and rocking is eliminated. To further secure the stand the manufacturer has added non-slip covers over their ends so they stay in place even on tile or hardwood floors.

This is an easy-to-use, affordable resting stand that every tattoo artist can benefit from owning. 


  • Stable and sturdy
  • Can be used in multiple settings
  • Light and portable


  • The folding sections may not lock into place properly so always check before you begin to work.

How to Choose the Best Tattoo Armrest

best tattoo armrest

In order to choose a tattoo armrest that will be useful in your practice, you need to consider the features of the equipment, the style of the legs, and the coverings. 

Leg Style


This is one base that has three supporting legs that normally fold into the base for storage purposes. These are very stable stands because the three legs eliminate instability even on slightly uneven surfaces.

Round Base

The round bases are attached to the center pole. These are sturdy stands and they have a very little wobble to them. They are not as easy to transport as the totally folding legs like the tripod or the ladder style.

Ladder Style

The two legs that create the firm base on these stands fold out in an A-frame or ladder configuration. They have a greater amount of stand support making contact with the ground or floor so they are extra stable.

Square Bottoms

The square base on the bottom works like the round base just with a different shape.

Height Adjustments

Armrest Height Adjustments

The amount of height adjustment in these stands will be different for each different brand of stand. You can find heights that can be adjusted up to about 47”. Measure the seating area your customer will be in to determine the possible height you might need.

Angle Adjustment

The armrests on the stands should be padded and they should allow you to adjust the degree of the angle so you can make your customer more comfortable.


The width of the armrests and the length of these padded areas will vary between different manufacturers. Longer lengths allow customers that have longer limbs to be situated more comfortably.


Some manufacturers make it possible for you to completely remove the cushioned area to make cleaning easier. Almost all of these devices have leather coverings that allow you to wipe them down with sanitizers and cleaners after each use. There are a few manufacturers that make removable covers that can be independently washed.

Final Word

The armrest stands are considered accessory equipment for a tattoo artist but in my opinion, a tattoo artist cannot do their best work without these devices. They keep the arm or leg of the client positioned so you can easily reach them. They also keep the client comfortable so they move less and that makes your work easier.

To ensure that you get a piece of equipment that you can use measure the chair your customer sits in and the stool or chair that you use. This will tell you the height that you need the stand to reach. You also want to try and get a stand that has the thickest amount of padding possible so your customer can rest in comfort.

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