10 Best Tattoo Clip Cord in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Tattoo equipment needs a power source, and the clip cord is the connection between the tattoo gun and the power supply box. Tattoo artists know that the clip cord is easy to connect, is not bulky, and makes their life easier.

Our readers, especially the beginning tattoo artists, have written and asked us to find the best tattoo clip cord for them to use. We asked our resident expert and several other tattoo artists around town what clip cords they used, and if one cord is actually better than another.

Top 5 Tattoo Clip Cord

  • 1- Cable lenght: 2m
  • 2- Copper lead wire
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  • 1- Length: 1.8M
  • 2- Cord is fireproof
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Poke and Stick Tattoo Kit by Looney Zoo
  • 1- Approx. 1.8m
  • 2- High quality clip cord
  • 3- Rubber insulated wire
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  • 1- 2.5m Lenth
  • 2- Stainless-steel connectors
  • 3- Aluminum Alloy and Silicone
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  • 1- 1.8m Leanth
  • 2- RCA conversion jack
  • 3- Standard mono plug
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Top 10 Tattoo Clip Cords Review

#1. BigWasp Premium Quality Silicone Tattoo Clip Cord

BigWasp Premium Quality Silicon Tattoo Clip Cord

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This sturdy clip cord by BigWasp will give you ample room to move around and set up your equipment. It is 79” in length so you have over 6 feet of cord that run from your machine to the power supply. It does not restrict your movements or inconvenience you in any way. 

The wire the cord is created from is copper lead so it is less likely to corrode. Copper is also an excellent conductor so the power supply transmission is more stable and stronger than it would be with some other wires.

The connections are made from copper so you never have to worry about corrosion. The cord is durable and easy to hook up. It works with the majority of tattoo machines, and it only weighs about 70 grams.

It is an affordable accessory that makes your work life easier.


  • Provides effective power
  • Long cord gives you freedom of movement
  • Durable


  • Does not fit with every tattoo machine.

#2. Itattoo Silicon Clip Cords

Itattoo Silicon Clip Cords

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This is a two-piece package of clip cords. Each of the cords is 5.9 feet in length and suitable for use with the majority of all tattoo machines and guns.

These clip cords are fireproof cords that are not going to put you at any risk. The internal wire is copper-lead that is not likely to ever corrode and will conduct the electrical power smoothly between the power supply and the machine you are using.

The external covering of the wire is silicon that is pliable, safe, and very durable. The covering will protect the wires and the artist. The silicon is a brilliant blue that is easy to see and identify.

The connections on the cord are made from stainless steel so they are not subject to rust or corrosion issues. They are easy to connect and you can wipe the entire cord down with a sanitizing cleaner when you are sanitizing your shop.


  • Easy to connect to most machines
  • Fireproof materials for safety
  • Secure stainless-steel connectors


  • The cord has a tendency to become tangled.

#3. Romlon Rubber Tattoo Clip Cord

Romlon Rubber Tattoo Clip Cord

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This is a mono-plug wire. The total length of the cord is about 6 foot so you have ample room to move around while you are working. It is a bright red so the cord is easily identified. Two connections on one end tie it to the supply source and the mono-plug on the other end connects the line to the machine.

The mono-plug is a standard ¼” plug that fits the majority of all tattoo machine equipment. The cord is a good electrical conductor and it is flexible so it does not restrict your movements.

This is a durable cord that will bring the power you need to your device without causing any fire or safety hazards. It is possible to clean the cord with a simple cloth and sanitizing cleaner whenever you feel the need to do so.


  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to clean and sterilize
  • Does not tangle easily


  • The cord does not have a safety housing to prevent contamination.

#4. Jconly Silicon Clip Cord

Jconly Silicon Clip Cord

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This is one of the longest clip cords available. It measures a full 8 foot and 2 inches in length. It provides the most space for you to move around and move your machine while you work. It allows you to safely tuck your power supply away so that the power unit does not get in your way while you work.

The cord is not stiff but is flexible. It is easy to move with, and it is completely covered in soft silicone so the wires are coated and protected from any possible exposure to moisture.

The cord is easy to connect. The simple mono-plug allows the cord to plug directly into the majority of all tattoo machines and guns. The connection is crafted from stainless steel so it will not corrode and will be durable and long-lasting.


  • Perfect cord for most equipment
  • Extra long so you can move more freely
  • Stainless-steel connectors


  • It connects so easily that you can easily unplug it if you are not careful while working.

#5. Amerivolt Power Clip Cord

Amerivolt Power Clip Cord

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This RCA conversion jack allows you to connect your tattoo guns to a power supply converter so you have the proper amperage and voltage to keep your equipment running smoothly. It has long-lasting connections that are made of stainless steel. The connections will not rust or corrode and will do no damage to the internal working parts of your tattoo equipment.

The cord has a standard ¼” mono-plug that plugs directly into your tattoo gun. This mono-plug allows the cord to be versatile and compatible with the majority of all tattoo machines and devices.

This is an affordable cord that works perfectly. It is light and will not restrict your movements when you are working. It is easy to use, simple to connect, and you can use a protective sleeve to cover the cord for sanitary reasons.


  • Lightweight cord does not cause drag when in use
  • Easy to connect
  • Standard mono plug 


  • Not as reliable as some other cords of similar price.

#6. Hisight Clip Cord Sleeves

Hisight Clip Cord Sleeves

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These sleeves are designed to be placed over the clip cords that connect the power to your tattoo equipment. The sleeves are sanitary protectors that stop the spread of germs and bacteria that can result in infection or illness. Most medical professionals use sleeves like this to cover their equipment cords and keep their work areas sterilized and sanitary.

The sleeve covers fit the majority of all clip cords and connection cords. You get 200 covers in one box and they are very affordable. You simply put the sleeve over the cord and then remove it when you are finished and replace it with another cover.

The sleeves give your customers confidence that you take their safety and the spread of possible infections seriously. They increase your professional appearance. 


  • Fits most clip cords
  • Keeps cords sterile
  • Looks professional


  • The sleeves can be hard to put on the cords and they can be hard to remove.

#7. EZTAT2 Pro Tattoo Clip Cord

EZTAT2 Pro Tattoo Clip Cord

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This is a 6-foot-long clip cord that has a premium quality silicon jacket covering the wire. The silicon jacket is capable of being sanitized after your work and it is soft and pliable. The softness of the jacket keeps the line flexible so you can move around without being restrained by a stiff connector cord.

These are the common RCA jack connections that you recognize and know how to use. The end of the jack that plugs into your equipment is the same ¼” size that is installed on most clip cords and devices that can be connected via an RCA cable. The connector piece is stainless-steel so it does not rust or corrode and it does last for a long time.

The cord is a long-lasting piece of equipment that is very affordable. It is the perfect length and thickness. Most tattoo artists recommend the 6-foot lengths because they normally never place their power supply more than 6-foot from where they will be working.


  • Ample length
  • RCA jack connections are easy to connect
  • Affordable


  • The cord is not as durable as some other appliance cords.

#8. Jellyfish Tattoo Clip Cord

Jellyfish Tattoo Clip Cord

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This clip cord is specifically designed for use with a rotary tattoo machine pen. The connectors are plated with 18K gold so they conduct electricity well and they are not going to rust or corrode.

The connectors fit firmly into your machine and the power supply so they do not fall out or disconnect in the middle of a tattoo. You will have a constant supply of power and the ability to move around and position your pen so you get the most effective use of your device.

The cord line is more round than flat, and it does not have a tendency to kink or become bent and misshapen. You will find it easy to connect and it is light so it does not add stress to your arm.


  • Professional style
  • Connects to almost every tattoo gun
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Does not work with every tattoo machine.

#9. Hawink Power Cord RCA Connector

Hawink Power Cord RCA Cord RCA Connector

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This cord is capable of plugging into the majority of all tattoo machine pens. The connections are proper for plugging into the power supply and the end of the pen. The connectors fit tightly into the equipment so it does not fall out or easily pull free from the devices while you are working.

The cord is perfect to have as a spare cord. It is very affordable, it fits the majority of all tattoo rotary-style pens, and it is long enough to give you room to work with no restrictions. By having a spare cord on hand, you can be assured that if something happens to the cord you are using you can plug the new cord in and continue working. Most tattoo artists keep a spare cord on hand so they are never without power when they need it.

The covering of the cord protects the internal wires. It can be wiped down for cleaning purposes and it has connection bands that hold the cord when you wrap it for storage or transportation.


  • Connects with ease
  • Does not easily tangle or twist
  • For use with rotary style pens


  • Does not have a removable covering that protects from germs.

#10. TAONE Silicon Clip Cord for Professional Tattoo Artists

TAONE Silicon Clip Cord for Professional Tattoo Artists

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This cord provides you with the proper working voltage to power your tattoo equipment and allow it to run smoothly and continuously. It keeps stable and reliable voltage coming to your device so your machine does not sputter or skip and your work is more precise.

The cord is designed to plug into a rotary tattoo machine pen. It has one connection on each end that plugs into the power supply box and the pen. The connectors are high-quality materials that are durable and will not corrode. You will find that they are easy to insert but they fit tightly so they do not slip from the device and cause any loss of power.

The sheath that covers the wires of the cord is made from silicon. It is flexible and protective. It is durable and can be wiped down after use so you keep it clean and sanitary.


  • Durable and non-corrosive connections
  • Provides stable power
  • Flexible cover improves sanitary conditions


  • For use with rotary machines.

What is a Tattoo Clip Cord? 

tattoo clip cord

A tattoo clip cord is a connection cable that connects the tattoo gun to the power supply source. Originally, the first of these cords was a section of plastic clothesline that was modified so L-shaped metal tables could be placed on it, and those tabs were then fastened to the back or side of the device.

When you are using more than one tattoo machine you connect them via a clip cord so you do not have several different power outlet cords that need to be plugged in. This makes your work area neater and it eliminates some tripping hazards and the need for extension sockets and such.

You can find many different clip cords available from different manufacturers. Some people even make their own clip cords. Either way, you get a method of connecting your machine to power that is safe, effective, and less bulky than the traditional electric power cords can be.

When shopping for a clip cord you might find the units described as power cords. Make sure you review the connections on the end of the cord to determine if they are compatible with the devices you need to power.

How Do You Attach the Clip Cord to a Tattoo Machine? 

Before your power supply can convert the power from your electrical outlet and send it to the tattoo equipment you are using you have to connect the power supply unit to the machine using a clip cord or RCA connector. These connections are easy to make and you will have no difficulty in connecting the equipment.

The clip cord has connectors on each that are appropriate for the connection ports you will find on the power supply and the tattoo gun. You should plug the end that connects into the port on the power supply first. The port will be on the bottom of the machine and it will be easily recognizable. Simply plug the connector in firmly, and give a slight tug to make sure that it is firmly in place.

Then plug the other connector on the opposite end of the cord into the port that is located at the end of the gun. The connection slides right in. Tug it gently to confirm the cord is firmly connected and will not slip out.

How Do You Power a Tattoo Machine? 

power a tattoo machine

Your tattoo machine requires DC power and the electrical supply in your home and business space is AC. To power your tattoo equipment, you need a power converter, or what tattoo artists refer to as a power supply.

The power supply unit plugs into your normal household 110V outlet. Then a clip cord or RCA jack cord is plugged into the power supply unit and the end of the tattoo equipment.

Most power supply boxes have voltage adjustments because you need different voltage amounts to increase the speed and power of your tattoo machine.

FAQ for Tattoo Clip Cord

How do you attach clip cord to a tattoo gun?

The attaching of a clip cord is as easy as plugging the connectors on the end of the cord into the ports that are available on the power supply unit and the tattoo gun. No tools or experience are required to make these secure connections.

Why does my tattoo machine lose power?

There are actually several reasons why your tattoo machine may be losing power. The first thing you need to check is the connection of the clip cord to make sure it is secure and not loose. If you use a foot pedal check the connection to make sure it is firmly plugged into the power supply. Your capacitor inside your machine is the next possibility and if your cords are firmly connected then the problem is likely the capacitor.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for one of the longest clip cords available let us recommend the Jconly Silicon Clip Cord. This cord measures over 8’ in length and gives you ample room to move and do the work you need to do.

If you want to look more professional, and keep your work area cleaner and more sanitary we suggest you invest in the Hisight Clip Cord Sleeves. The sleeves protect your cords from being exposed to any type of contaminant and allow you to have a more sterile environment. They cost very little and tattoo artists love the peace of mind they provide to customers.

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