Best Tattoo Foot Pedal & Switch Reviews of 2022

The foot pedal switch seems like a small accessory, but these small items can make a huge difference in how smoothly the design you are tattooing is applied. We went to several tattoo artists and asked them to recommend the best tattoo foot pedal.

The experts gave us quite a list of possibilities so we chose the most frequently suggested products and created a shorter list for our readers. We chose items that were user-friendly and readily available to most of our readers.

Top 5 Tattoo Foot Pedal

Tazay Tattoo Foot Switch
  • 1- Stainless Steel
  • 2- Anti-Skid & Non-Marring
  • 3- Easy to use
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SOTICA Tattoo Foot Pedal
  • 1- Anti-Slip base
  • 2- Durable and sturdy
  • 3- 360 design
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Pirate Face Tattoo Power Supply with Foot Pedal
  • 1- Quality construction
  • 2- Dual digital tattoo power supply
  • 3- Easy to use
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DCT Foot Pedal
  • 1- Plastic texturized pedal
  • 2- Easy to use
  • 3- Plug-In Mount/span>
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Autdor Tattoo Foot Pedal
  • 1- Stainless Steel
  • 2- Outer silicone layer
  • 3- Fit for any power supply
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The 6 Best Tattoo Foot Pedal

#1. Tattoo Foot Pedal by Tazay

Tattoo Foot Pedal by Tazay

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Tazay used stainless-steel materials to craft this sturdy foot pedal. Stainless-steel is a precision material that does not rust or corrode and can withstand heavy uses without being diminished in any way. It is also acceptable to sanitize this material at the end of the day just to make sure your shop is completely protected from germ-ridden bacteria.

The foot pedal plugs into your machine and equipment using a standard ¼” phono plug. It is very easy to plugin and it is attached to a five-foot length of cord so you have the freedom to position your foot pedal in any area that you like. Often artists need to move their foot pedal as they reposition to work on different sections of the tattoo.

This is a round pedal that has a switch on the top. The switch is yellow and has a star design on it. The bottom of the base has an anti-slip material so it will not slide out from under your foot or move when you need it to remain in position.

It works smoothly and is compatible with the majority of tattoo equipment.


  • Smooth operation without jumps and vibrations 
  • Easy to connect
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Slightly bulky

#2. Tattoo Foot Pedal by Sotica

Tattoo Foot Pedal by Sotica

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The round foot pedal by Sotica provides you with excellent responses no matter what angle you are positioned at when you depress the star in the center. It is a 360-degree device that works perfectly when pressed from any side or angle.

This is an easy-to-use device. It connects to any tattoo equipment that has a standard plug for a ¼” phono jack. This is a plug-and-play device, which means you plug it into the power source and the item is ready to play. There is no setup or assembly required prior to use.

The wire that delivers the power from the electric supply to the foot pedal is housed in a hose. The hose is in place to ensure that the wire is protected from accidental breakage, or being nicked and allowing the wire to become a safety hazard.

The base is an anti-skid design and it is also designed so that it will not mark or mar the flooring it is sitting on. The base is made extra heavy so it stays in position and does not easily try to slide out from under the pressure of your foot.


  • Easy to turn off and on
  • Long power cord protected by a housing
  • Offers long periods of service
  • 360 rotations to foot switch


  • Takes a greater amount of pressure to operate the unit than other units require.

#3. Dual Digital Tattoo Foot Pedal by Pirate Face Tattoo

Dual Digital Tattoo Foot Pedal by Pirate Face Tattoo

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This foot pedal by Pirate face Tattoo is unique because it is not just the foot control that you connect to a power supply and your tattoo machine. It is also the power supply that you attach to your tattoo machine. We can go ahead and tell you that this is an affordable set that also comes with two clip cords that can connect to liner guns or shading guns.

The digital display allows you to see the exact voltage setting of the power supply so you will know what techniques and which equipment you can use. If you want to change the setting the adjustments are made with simple to turn dials and the choice you have made is then displayed on the screen for verification.

The foot pedal is a straightforward pedal that is slim and attractive. This device is easy to set up, you simply plug it into an electrical outlet and then attach your equipment to the foot pedal or to the clip cords supplied with the power supply. No tools are necessary to make any of the connections.


  • Innovative and unique design
  • Ultra-low profile
  • Easy to depress
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Not highly sensitive

#4. Foot Pedal Switch by Deadwood Crafted Tools

Foot Pedal Switch by Deadwood Crafted Tools

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This is a simple foot pedal like the ones you have used on sewing machines and woodworking tools. When you press down on the pedal power is supplied to the equipment connected to the pedal. When you lift your foot, the power is no longer supplied so the equipment will then stop functioning until you press the pedal again.

This allows you to have hands-free operations of tattoo guns, textile tools, sewing machines, power tools, printing tools, and other equipment. You control the power and the speed of the device by pressing the pedal with your foot. Both of your hands are free to do other things.

This foot pedal does have a plastic covering but it is very durable and will last for a long time. It has a four-foot cord that connects it to the power supply so you have plenty of room to position the pedal for a perfect placement beneath the area you are working in.


  • Non-skid base stops the foot pedal from running
  • Very low maintenance
  • Affordably priced
  • Can be used with many machines


  • Not as sturdy as some other devices of the same style.

#5. Stainless-Steel tattoo foot Pedal by Autdor

Stainless-Steel tattoo foot Pedal by Autdor

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The beautiful design on this stainless-steel foot pedal by Autdor adds to the charm of the item. It is whimsical and yet the pedal is a sturdy piece of machinery that is designed to provide ultimate service.

The silicon cord that connects the pedal to the power source is 4.5 feet in length. This cord has a standard phono jack on the end so it will plug into the majority of tattoo equipment.

The pedal lies flatter against the floor than many other foot pedals because it has been designed to create less stress on the ankle. To use the device, you barely have to lift the toe of your foot and you do not have to hold your foot at an unnatural angle the entire time the equipment is in operation. This allows you to work longer with less stress.

The base of the pedal is designed so that it does not leave marks on the floor. It is also designed so that it does not slide, slip or skid while you are using it. It stays where you put it until you intentionally decide to move it.


  • Easy to learn to operate
  • Does not cause foot or leg fatigue
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Very durable


  • Poor design on the packaging.

#6. Round Tattoo Foot Pedal by CINRA

#6. Round Tattoo Foot Pedal by CINRA

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This round tattoo pedal can be operated from any angle. There is no specific front and back so you do not have to be as concerned with how the pedal is facing while you are working. If you can reach the pedal and depress it then it will provide the power you need to your tattoo equipment.

The low profile of this device allows you to operate it without having to lift your foot as high or having to put your ankle at a weird angle to hold the pressure on the pedal. You can sit comfortably and will not feel discomfort from having to hold your foot in a strange configuration.

The cord on this pedal is 6’5-feet in length. That is a full 2 feet longer than the majority of power cords on similar equipment. You have more room to move and better access to your equipment because of the longer cord.

It is functional with the majority of all power supplies and tattoo guns. It has the typical phono jack on the end of the soft cord to connect it to the power supply.


  • Long power cord lets you establish the pedal farther from the outlet
  • Lightweight and very portable
  • Non-skid bottom keeps the pedal in position
  • Easy to depress with very little force


  • The power cord on some of these devices does not always function properly.

How to Rewire a Tattoo Foot Pedal

How to rewire a tattoo foot pedal

If you pull too hard on your foot pedal you can break the wire or pull the connection loose. Many times, you can correct this problem.

Unscrew the housing so that you can visually see the positive and negative connections of the wire. If either of these connections is broken and no longer making secure contact then you can rewire the device by skinning a small section of the wire back and exposing the copper wire beneath the plastic or silicone covering. Once the wire is exposed make certain that you wrap the end around the connector screw and then firmly tighten the screw down to hold the wire in place. Close the pedal by replacing the cover.

Most artists keep a spare foot pedal on hand so they can keep working even when one breaks. That gives them ample time to work on the broken pedal when they do not have a customer in their chair. Check out reviews of our tattoo stencil machine.

Wireless foot pedal

Technology has given us wireless phones, and other wireless tools to use around our homes and offices. Even our printers and copy machines are often no lingered tied to our computers with wires or cords. Tattoo machines have come into the technology age and developed into the wireless connectivity we expect from most products we use.

The wireless foot pedals can only be used with tattoo guns and power supplies that have the latest technology designed into them. You must check to see if your machine and equipment are capable of taking advantage of wireless technology.

Wireless foot pedals do not get tangled under your feet. You are not tethered to a cord so you do not have to place the pedal within a certain proximity of the power supply or equipment. You have freedom of movement and the ability to work where you want, standing, or sitting.

Wireless devices are the latest devices so they are also the most expensive pieces. You may have to postpone switching to a wireless unit until you have established yourself and have a larger budget to spend on supplies and accessories.

Final Word 

how to make a tattoo foot pedal

The best foot pedal for a tattoo artist is the one that fits your equipment, your personal preferences, and is able to function under the constraints you have. Each tattoo artist has specific equipment protocols and a foot pedal is a specialized piece of equipment that makes it easier to apply a tattoo and gives you more mobility in your hands.

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