Best Tattoo Gun Kits in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Before you can begin to create professional-looking tattoo art you need to have the right equipment for the job. We have been asked by a number of readers what the best tattoo gun kits are, so we went to see the professional tattoo artists and ask them what guns they use, and what kits they recommend.

It never fails that when we reach out to the pros, they willingly advise us on the best equipment, and the facts, tips, and suggestions they have picked up through their practices. We have come to realize that tattoo artist are some of the most willing to share professionals who always seem to want to help others succeed.

Top 5 Tattoo Gun Kit Accessories

  • 1- Rotary Tattoo Machine
  • 2- Cartridge Needles
  • 3- Power Supply
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  • 1- 7 Bottles Radiant Colors ink
  • 2- 4 Coil Tattoo Machine
  • 3- 50 x Sterile Needles
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Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit
  • 1- 9 Traditional tattoo machines
  • 2- 50 Dragonhawk tattoo needles
  • 3- Foot pedal with clip cord
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  • 1- Rotary Tattoo Machine
  • 2- 20pcs needles
  • 3- 5 High quality color ink
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  • 1- 2 Tattoo Machine
  • 2- Digital power supply
  • 3- 20 color ink
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Best Tattoo Kits for Beginners – Reviews

1. Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit by Dragonhawk

Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit by Dragonhawk

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This cartridge tattoo machine kit is a rotary tattoo machine that uses cartridge needles. It comes with the power supply you need., It also comes with 20 needles to get you started, 1 rotary pen, 1 power supply, and cable, 1-foot pedal and a carry case.

This tattoo kit is lightweight and does not cause undue stress on your hand or wrist as you use it. It allows you to adjust the needle depth by simply rotating the machine grip. It is a strong and powerful device that is great for beginners or expert tattoo artists.

It is very quiet while being operated and that is partially due to the low amounts of vibrations you will feel from the machine. It has a precision DC motor and can make up to 9000 R/minute. The power supply allows the device to work between 6 and 9 volts, and everything fits neatly into the handy carry case.


  • Lightweight so you can work longer with less fatigue
  • Easy to change needles
  • Easy to read and follow instructions


  • Only comes with one tattoo gun.

2. Grinder Tattoo Kit by Pirate face Tattoo

Grinder Tattoo Kit by Pirate face Tattoo

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This tattoo kit is complete with seven radiant ink colors that allow you to get started on your unique design immediately. You will receive a 240-page instructional book that is easy to read and will prepare you for the majority of circumstances you might face while creating tattoos. 

This kit comes with four tattoo guns. You can set your guns up so you are ready for outlines, shading and more without stopping to change needles or make any adjustments. That allows your work to go quickly and smoothly and instills more confidence in you from your customer.

The handy carry case is large enough to carry the ink, the guns, the power supply and everything else so you never misplace a thing. The power supply is an LCD supply that is easy to connect and maintain.


  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Multiple guns for different techniques
  • Can be used with most inks


  • The instruction booklet is difficult to read and understand.

3. Complete Tattoo Kit with Carrying Case by Dragonhawk

Complete Tattoo Kit with Carrying Case by Dragonhawk

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This tattoo kit by Dragonhawk is a complete setup that provides the beginning tattoo artist with everything they need to get started on their new career. It comes with four of the traditional 10 wrap coil guns that work for shading, lining, and more. You have enough guns to set up for every stage of the tattoo so you do not have to stop and change needles.

It comes with a selection of immortal inks. These inks are smooth, vibrant in color and their color is consistent throughout the entire bottle. The Immortal brand of tattoo inks is created in the USA.

You get 50 individually wrapped needles that are sterile and ready to use. The power supply you need is included and it has a short circuit protector built into it. You also get a foot pedal, ink cups, tattoo steel grips, practice skin, #304 steel tips, tools to make adjustments with, and more.


  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with lots of great ink


  • The guns are slightly lightweight and may not be as durable as some other devices.

4. Complete Tattoo Kit by Stigma

Complete Tattoo Kit by Stigma

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This is a CE certified tattoo kit that has a rotary tattoo machine included. The rotary machine can be used for tattoo outlines and creation or shading techniques. It gives you the ability and power to create any tattoo design you feel inspired to make.

The motor is a 10 watt that can provide ample power for the needle so your customer feels less pain and you get smooth creations with no hesitation and less vibration. The power supply you need is included and either a clip cord or a DC cord will be included in the package.

The kit includes five of the most popular ink colors designed for use as practice inks, disposable silicone grips, exam gloves, needles, and more accessories with a handy carry case that you can use to keep your supplies neat and organized.


  • Everything you need to get started
  • Great for beginners and professionals
  • Lightweight and portable


  • The ink included in the kit is not resistant to the rays of the sun so the tattoos must be kept protected from sunlight.

5. Complete Tattoo Kit 2 by Dragonhawk

Complete Tattoo Kit 2 by Dragonhawk

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This powerful tattoo gun set comes with 2 of the traditional 10 wrap guns. You can do outlines or shading and you can have each gun ready to transition into the next stage of the tattoo so your work appears to be seamless and more professional.

The power supply that comes with this set has an LED digital display screen so you are never confused about the exact setting you are working with. If you need to make adjustments the screen shows you exactly what adjustment has been made and the foot pedal allows you to seamlessly operate the guns. You also get a clip cord to use with the power supply and 20 colors of ink that are high enough in quality that they can be used on human skin.

You get needles, silicon grips, ink cups, and other accessories that allow you to begin creating tattoos as soon as your kit arrives.


  • Guns are powerful and precise
  • Creates tattoo designs that are precise
  • Comes with a hands-free foot pedal


  • The ink colors are not very thick or vibrant.

6. Complete Tattoo Kit by Solong Tattoo

Complete Tattoo Kit by Solong Tattoo

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This is a truly complete tattoo kit. You will find that there are four rotary guns included. Rotary guns can be used for lining and shading and most tattoo artists set theirs out pre-loaded with the right needles according to what technique they will be using. When they finish lining, they can simply lay the gun aside and pick up the one they will need next. Each gun is a different color so you will not confuse them while you work.

The power supply has an LCD screen so you always know what voltage you are working at and you can easily make any adjustments you might need. The power supply comes with a clip cord and foot pedal.

You get 54 bottles of practice tattoo ink. You will have every color you could have dreamt of. They are sterilized inks that are all positive colors.

You also get 50 needles to get you started. Plus 10 tattoo tips, 10 tattoo grips, 100 ink cups, adjustment tools, and more.


  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Lightweight gun designs eliminate wrist stress
  • Different colored guns for quick identification


  • The inks are not thin enough for stick and poke tattoo processes.

7. Complete Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit by Autdor

Complete Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit by Autdor

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This cartridge tattoo machine kit includes the power supply and other accessories you need to operate the rotary machine with precision. You are going to receive the pen, the power supply, the foot pedal to control the power supply, a clip cord to connect the power supply, 20 tattoo needles in varying sizes, a practice skin, 20 tattoo ink cups, 7 bottles of practice tattoo ink, a piece of transfer paper, 2 pairs of disposable examination gloves, tattoo grip tape and a storage case to keep everything organized.

This kit is great for new artists and existing artists. It is made of aluminum alloy so it is light and durable at the same time. It does not create an excessive amount of heat so you can work longer without stopping to let your equipment rest. It creates very few vibrations and the noise level is incredibly low.


  • Small pen that is easy to hold
  • Complete kit so you can get started immediately
  • Easy to read and follow instructions


  • The gloves included with the kit tear very easily and are small in size.

What is a Tattoo Kit?

What is a tattoo kit

A tattoo kit is basically everything you need to create a tattoo all wrapped into one neat package. Most kits come with the tattoo gun, or guns, needles, ink, power supplies, clip cords, foot pedals, and enough accessories to allow you to get started as soon as the kit arrives.

Kits vary in size. Some kits may include four tattoo guns and some may have one. Some kits have 50+ bottles of ink included and some have just a few. The big thing to look for about the inks is whether it is ink designed to be used on human skin or if it is just practice ink. Practice ink may not be completely sterile so do not use it on human skin.

Tattoo kits allow the beginner to get enough of the tools and supplies they need to start creating unique designs. Most kits come with detailed instruction manuals that will help you to set the machine up and use them properly for lining or shading.

Tips to Choose the Right Tattoo Kit

Before you buy a tattoo kit, there are some things you should consider so you get one that will be most beneficial to you.

Number of Guns

Most tattoo artists like to lay their rotary guns out with the appropriate needles in them so they can create an outline and then set that gun down and go to work on shading without really stopping or pausing between techniques. Many of the kits come with four guns so you can learn to do this type of preparation and application.

Power Supply Included

You have to have a power supply to go with your tattoo gun so make sure that the kit you buy includes one. If you can get one that has an LCD or LED screen that displays the precise settings it is operating on you will have an easier time making the adjustments you need to control needle penetration and speed.


Everything else that might come in your kit, ink, skin, needles, gloves, grips, ink cups and such are just added gravy.

FAQ About Tattoo Kit

How much does a professional tattoo gun cost?

The price of a tattoo gun is dependent on the type of gun that it is and the quality of the gun. You can find cheap guns that will only cost about $50 and you can buy higher-priced items that may cost you $1000 or more. Just remember that the most expensive is not always the best, and the cheaper gun may not do what you want to do.

What is the best tattoo kit to buy?

The best tattoo kit to buy is one that includes a small amount of everything you need to begin creating tattoos. You need transfer paper, practice skin, needles, ink, ink cups, grips, the gun, the power supply, and more if you are going to make a real tattoo. Get a kit that offers you a little of everything.

What is the best tattoo gun for beginners?

There are a lot of tattoo guns that are perfect for the beginning artist. To make sure that you get the best gun for a beginner choose a gun that is easy to operate, and one that is not exorbitant in price. The beginner may continue with tattoo practices or they may no so do not spend too much money on a kit until you find out if the artist is sincere.

Final Word

If you are considering a cartridge-style tattoo kit, we suggest that you look at the Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit by Dragonhawk. Dragonhawk makes high-quality items that many tattoo artists have come to trust and rely on. They are affordable, dependable, and easy to get accessories for.

If you are looking for a complete kit that is going to give you everything you need to start work immediately then consider the Complete Tattoo Kit by Solong Tattoo. This kit comes with 54 different bottles of ink so there is not a tattoo design you cannot create using this.

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