Best Tattoo Stencil Printer in 2022

Before the ink can be placed in the skin a drawing of the design must be made. In order to make sure our readers find all the information, they need about everything related to tattooing we knew that we had to include a product review on the best tattoo stencil machine.

The stencil that an artist uses to transfer the image from a paper idea to a real piece of body art must be clear, concise, and easy to create. Out tattoo artist friends told us what machines they use, and they detailed why they liked those machines over the others.

The following devices are the most frequently suggested products from their list.

The 7 Best Tattoo Stencil Machine Reviews

#1. Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine by Atomus

Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine  by Atomus

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The Atomus transfer stencil machine is a complete piece of office equipment that will transfer your tattoo designs onto paper, make copies of important papers, and print them for you. That is three machines rolled into one small and manageable package.

The machine is very fast so you will not have long to wait after your client has chosen the design they love from your catalog. The device makes very little noise while it is working so it is not distracting, and it does not get really hot while in use.

The manufacturer suggests that after you have transferred a design or created a stencil that you give the device a few moments to rest before you create the next stencil.

When you buy this device, you will get a thermal copier, a power supply cord, and an easy-to-read instruction book. The power cord plugs into a standard 110/120-volt outlet, and the on and off buttons on the front of the machine are large and easy to discern.


  • Easy to set up and learn to operate
  • Detailed instruction manual that is easy to read
  • Versatile and useful for several functions
  • Affordable


  • Machine can be loud during use

#2. Tattoo Stencil Transfer Machine by Life Basis

Tattoo Stencil Transfer Machine by Life Basis

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This Life Basis tattoo machine is a stencil transfer, a thermal copier, and a printer, and accessories to get you started are included with the purchase. You will receive the machine, the power supply cord, an instruction manual written in American English, and 10 pieces of black transfer paper.

This unit is a low-maintenance device. It does not have a bulb inside it that needs changing. It does not have a heating element or ink cylinder that you have to worry about changing and maintaining. It is light and easy to move from place to place, and all you need to do is plug it into a standard household electric outlet.

You can use stencil paper that is the standard A4 and A5 sizes. It is fast and can produce a tattoo stencil from your drawing in as little as 60 seconds. The image you receive will be clear and concise without blurred lines that can distort the image. The resolution produced will be 200 x 2000 DPS and there is an adjustment to allow you to choose how dark the stencil image will be.


  • Fast
  • Very easy to set up
  • Great for shops, homes, and small businesses


  • Instruction manual is not clear and can be confusing to beginners

#3. Tattoo Stencil transfer Machine and Copier/Printer by Life Basis

Tattoo Stencil transfer Machine and Copier/Printer by Life Basis

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This machine is intended for use by tattoo artists and enthusiasts. It is lightweight and can easily be transported if you work in several locations, or you need to clear a counter for space.

There are multiple settings to choose from when you are creating a stencil. The machine can make a copy like you would expect from a picture copy, it can make a mirror image of the design by flipping the design, and more. The machine alerts you if it is starting to overheat so you can let it rest.

You get two selections of color deepness so you are in control of the outlines and how clear and precise they will be. It is very fast, and aesthetically pleasing with a silver-colored outer case and large easy to read control buttons. The large buttons are easier to operate and depress while you are wearing latex gloves.

The machine is similar to the old-style fax machines so the majority of people will have no trouble operating it. It does come with an instruction manual that provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to use the device. The manual also tells you how to troubleshoot the device, what ink and supplies are recommended to be used with the device, and answers the most frequently asked questions about the machine.


  • Portable
  • Quick printing
  • You have color control


  • Heavier and more cumbersome than some other similar machines

#4. Tattoo Transfer Thermal Copy Machine by Life Basis

Tattoo Transfer Thermal Copy Machine by Life Basis

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This Life Basis stencil transfer machine will take the drawing created by you and easily turn it into a stencil that you can transfer to the location the tattoo is going to be made. It is a reliable device that creates impeccable stencils. 

The machine is small and lightweight. It will fit easily on the majority of desks, countertops, or flatwork areas without taking up too much room. That makes it perfect for small tattoo shops and businesses. It can copy and print like a normal copy machine, or it can be loaded with stencil paper and a stencil can be created.

It does not distort or blur the lines of the image. This is important because you are going to use the stencil to create an outline for you to work from. You need clear lines that are easy to see and follow in order to do this.

The machine is very simple to operate. The buttons are large and they are clearly marked as to their function. It can produce a stencil in as little as 60 seconds, and can produce multiple stencils each day without overheating, or making loud and distracting noises.


  • Versatile and can be used to replace some office equipment
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to maintain and change ink cartridges in


  • Slightly difficult to clean and maintain

#5. Tattoo Transfer Machine by Beautyangels

Tattoo transfer Machine by Beautyangels

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Beautyangels have developed a thermal copier tattoo stencil maker that is easy to use, and small enough that artists who change locations can easily take their copier with them. It weighs about 3.5 pounds, and it only requires a standard electrical outlet for a power source. 

This copier is designed to create stencils from drawings. It creates clear images that are easy to work from. If the design picture that you have contains a great deal of shading the stencil from the device might appear distorted. The complex shadows and shading of some designs will not be clearly reproduced. Choose simpler designs with fewer shading effects for the best results.

This machine is actually three machines. It is a stencil maker, an office copier, and a printer. You can use it for all of your basic office needs and tattoo design creations. It is small and can fit almost anywhere. It is also quiet and does not make loud and irritating noises while it is producing a copy.


  • Very light and portable
  • Set up is easy to do
  • Takes up very little space


  • Images may be slightly distorted

#6. BMX Black Tattoo Transfer Machine by Beautyangels

BMX Black Tattoo Transfer Machine by Beautyangels

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Getting the design your customer loves transferred from a drawing to their skin has never been easier. This machine is a tool that will enhance your stencil creation and speed the process up. This device may be as much as three times faster than some of the similar items made by other manufacturers.

The image created by the machine is clear and easy to follow. You should avoid images that have a lot of shadow effects because during the copying the shadow effects do not transfer well onto the paper.

This unit plugs into standard household electrical outlets so should be easy to provide power to. It accepts the 8.5” x 11” transfer paper and operates with low heat and low noise. It produces perfect stencils time and again. You should allow the machine to have a few minutes to rest if you are making several copies at one time. After two or three copies give the machine a break, and you will get results that are more to your liking.


  • Fast and reliable
  • Lines are dark and easy to see on the transfer
  • Can create several copies per day


  • Not good for designs with shadow effects

#7. Tattoo Transfer Machine by TATELF

Tattoo Transfer Machine by TATELF

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An affordable device that makes stencil copies quickly. The entire process of taking a design drawing from a picture and putting it on stencil paper to transfer to the skin will be completed in less than 60 seconds. The resulting stencil will be clear and easy to understand. That means the transfer onto the skin will create a sharper image for you to follow as you apply the ink.

The machine is a straightforward device with large clear selection buttons. You can choose between a straight copy or a mirror image copy depending on what the design calls for. The machine allows you to create the darkness of the lines by allowing you to change the deepness setting with the touch of a button.

This is a plug-and-play device. It is ready to go to work when you open the box. Simply plug the power cord into an available electric outlet and depress the power button to get started.


  • So easy a child could use it
  • Maintenance free design
  • Quiet and reliable


  • Machine may need resting time between copies

What are Tattoo Stencils

What are Tattoo Stencils

Tattoo stencils are images of a design on paper that can be used to imprint the image onto human skin. They are the pattern that the tattoo artist uses to create body art. To know more details about tattoo practice skin check our tattoo practice skin reviews post.

A tattoo stencil is created on paper that has multiple layers joined. The top sheet of paper is where the design is drawn or imprinted by a stencil machine. During this process, the image is pressed into a carbon paper and transferred onto another paper.

The final sheet of paper in the trio is pressed firmly against the area of skin that the customer wants the tattoo to be created on.

A stencil can be drawn by hand or it can be created using a thermal copy device. Many artists use a combination of both methods to create unique designs. If the design is intricate and has a lot of shading or shadows the thermal machines are not as effective at stencil creation and hand creation will be required.

How do You Make a Good Tattoo Stencil

To make a good tattoo stencil you will need to have tracing or wax paper to draw or print the design on. 

You also need a pen that has a fine tip so the lines you create are not too thick. 

A dip pen. Stencil fluid and a cloth to wipe the pan occasionally. The pen will be dipped into the stencil fluid. Some people prefer to buy pens that have stencil fluid inside them. This is your choice.

You need to practice the drawing of the design on regular paper with a regular pen before you attempt to make the design using a dip pen and stencil fluid. Make certain that you are satisfied with your drawing before you begin to make the drawing on stencil or transfer paper.

Can You Use a Normal Printer for Tattoo Stencils?

Can you use a normal printer for tattoo stencils

When you are creating a stencil for a tattoo design transfer there are several options open to you. The most frequently used methods are by the printer or by free-hand drawing.

If you decide to use a printer you can use a thermal device or an older dot-matrix device that will also do the job you need.

The most important component is not the printer you use or the ink you use in the printer but the transfer paper that you choose. You have to buy transfer paper that has a carbon sheet and is designed to be used in tattoo transfer.

With the right paper, you can use heat transfer devices, thermal copiers, and inkjet printers that are normally found in homes and offices. You should practice making the stencil a few times before you start to try and make the stencil on human skin.

How to Use a Thermal Printer for Tattoo Stencil 

How to Use a Thermal Printer for Tattoo Stencil

Using a thermal printer to create a stencil is easy. You will make a copy of the design and then you will make a mirror image of the design so you can apply it to the skin and it will be right side facing out.

First, you need to gather the items you need to make the image transfer.


  • A thermal copier
  • Thermal copier paper
  • Latex gloves

Step 1 – Plug in the copier and put the gloves on.

Step 2 – Open the lid of the copier.

Step 3 – Remove the protective sheet from your copier paper. This is a really thin sheet.

Step 4 – Take the yellow sheet and feed it through the copier. Pull so it until the connection portion of the paper is lined evenly with the lid of the machine.

Step 5 – Fold the yellow section of paper over the top of the copier lid.

Step 6 Insert the printout of the chosen design.

Step 7 – Push copy and wait.

FAQ About Thermal Printer for Tattoo Stencil

What do tattoo artists use for stencils?

Tattoo artists use stencil paper that has a carbon sheet. They can draw their designs onto this paper or put the paper through a thermal copier for image transfer.

What kind of deodorant can I use for tattoo stencils?

A roll-on deodorant stick of your choice. You can buy deodorant without perfumes or dyes if you want to make sure that your customer does not have a reaction to the deodorant you use on them.

What kind of printer do tattoo artists use?

The majority of tattoo artists and shops use a thermal-fax machine to create their stencils. These machines eliminate the need for hand drawing and stencil fluid. They also allow the artist to create the stencil quickly.

Final Word 

The design that the artist uses is the most important part of the tattoo creation. The stencil of the image to be tattooed must be clear in order for the artist to duplicate the image onto the skin of their customer.

Practice with your stencil creations until you are confident in how to make them before you start trying to create a stencil in front of your customer.

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