Best UV Tattoo Inks in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Have you ever wondered about glow in the dark tattoos? I had seen them in clubs before, but I had never given them much thought until a friend of mine told me she was going to get a glow in the dark rose tattoo. I tagged along to learn as much as I could about these creations.

While my friend got her new ink I asked the artist for recommendations of the best UV tattoo ink, and any advice he might want to share about these ink designs. My friend got a beautiful invisible ink rose tattoo, and I got information for my readers.

5 Best UV Ink for Tattoos

#1. Mom’s Nuclear UV Tattoo Ink in Invisible Fallout

Mom’s Nuclear UV Tattoo Ink in Invisible Fallout

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This incredible ink can be used to create a tattoo that is virtually invisible to the naked eye. You can go to work, to church, or out in public and the majority of people will have no clue that you have a tattoo. When you step under a blacklight then the tattoo will spring to life and everyone will be aware of its presence.

The ink is permanent ink, but many people say that UV inks do not last as long as traditional inks. This statement may be partially due to the fact that the glowing effects of UV ink is not usually visible after about five years. Also, UV ink requires more aftercare or it loses its ability to glow much sooner.

This is an affordable ink that comes in a one-half-ounce bottle. Like most tattoo ink it takes very little to create the artwork. This ink is thinner than most traditional inks, but it can be applied using a tattoo gun or stick and poke technique.


  • Affordable product
  • Brilliant under black lights
  • Hypoallergenic and sterile
  • Never tested on animals.


  • This ink is so thin that it may not work in rotary or coil tattoo machines.

#2. Bloodline 6 Color Tattoo UV Ink Highlight Set

Bloodline 6 Color Tattoo UV Ink Highlight Set

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The sic fabulous colors of brilliant ink that come in this set include a fallout white that is virtually invisible under the naked eye. You can create a full-color design that will glow and stand out under UV light, or you can simply outline an existing tattoo, or create color highlights that will make existing artwork spectacular when seen under a blacklight.

This ink is manufactured in the United States. It is created with high-quality ingredients and does not contain phosphorous so it is no more carcinogenic than traditional tattoo inks are. Bloodline is one of the leading manufacturers of tattoo inks and supplies, and many artists use this line exclusively.

You will receive fallout white, highlight yellow, highlight green, highlight orange, highlight pink, and highlight red in one-half ounce containers. It pops brightly under a blacklight and the majority of people who use it are happy with their results.


  • Made in the USA
  • Contains no phosphorous
  • Bright colors that are vivid under black lights
  • Easy to use with most tattoo processes


  • The ink is highly visible under black lights but less visible under normal lighting.

#3. Millennium Mom’s Nuclear UV Tattoo Ink

Millennium Mom’s Nuclear UV Tattoo Ink

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This ink contains the highest possible amounts of pure pigments so the design stands out boldly. The colored inks are less likely to looks pale or faded when they are seen under normal lighting situations. The white is a fallout invisible ink that does not appear to be on your skin until you are under a blacklight and then it glows a brilliant blue.

There are five vivid colors in this set. You get purple haze, red dawn, blue smoke and atomic green, along with the fallout white. The colors are very bright and reminiscent of neon colors. The ink is consistent and the color remains true throughout the bottle, and in each subsequent bottle that you purchase.

This ink is a little thin, but it is thicker than most UV light inks are. It can be used with any tattooing process, but it can be more difficult to get the skin to accept these inks so an experienced tattoo artist should be consulted.


  • Thick enough to be applied with tattoo guns
  • Colors that really pop
  • Can be used on people with sensitive skin
  • Consistent ingredients creates consistent colors


  • The skin of many people resists this ink so it is not recommended for beginning tattoo artists.

#4. Bloodline Tattoo Ink – Blacklight Invisible

Bloodline Tattoo Ink – Blacklight Invisible

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Until recently this tattoo ink was known as Skincandy ink. It is a pre-dispersed ink so you will not want to thin it. It may appear to be a little too thin, but UV light inks are thinner than traditional inks.

This is a one-ounce bottle of blacklight ink. It appears invisible or barely perceivable in normal lighting situations, and then under blacklights, it glows a bright blue. It does not glow in the dark but requires a UV light source to activate the glowing features.

It is made with high-quality ingredients that are formulated to glow and respond to UV light exposure. It requires the same type of care when the tattoo is new, and more care after the tattoo completely heals. This type of ink is intolerant to sunlight and needs to be covered when you are going out to the beach for the day.


  • Popular with most tattoo artists
  • Great for stick and poke creations
  • Affordable and easy to obtain
  • Never tested on animals


  • You must cover the tattoo created with this ink anytime you are going to be outdoors or exposed to UV light.

#5. Immortal Tattoo Ink “Neon Invisible” 

Immortal Tattoo Ink “Neon Invisible”

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The Immortal Ink Neon invisible ink is a fantastic way to create a design that has a custom look. The ink is almost undetectable under normal lighting but when you go into a blacklight situation it shines brilliantly and creates a mesmerizing design that will not quickly be forgotten.

This type of ink makes a fabulous highlight ink. You can transform a normal tattoo into a glow-in-the-dark spectacle by outlining the original work with this substance. You can also do a stand-alone tattoo out of the ink, and it will only be discernible under blacklight conditions.

This ink is manufactured to be safe and reliable. It has a consistent structure that is true to color from the top to the bottom of the container. You will receive your choice of 9 neon colors that are sure to please.


  • Vegan friendly and contains no animal by-products
  • Easily accepted by the skin
  • Fabulous for stick and poke creations
  • Several colors to choose from


  • Recommended to highlight tattoos created with other inks.

What Is UV Tattoo Ink? 


What is UV tattoo ink, exactly? A lot of people have never heard of this ink, and it is better for everyone to understand exactly what the ink is before they decide to allow it to be placed under their skin.

What makes them Different

The real difference between a UV tattoo ink design and a traditional tattoo is the ink used in the glowing works reacts to the UV rays from a blacklight and glows brilliantly. Think about the invisible stamps that clubs put on your hands when you pay to go in. The UV tattoo ink works like the ink of those stamps.

Another big difference between UV tattoo ink and traditional tattoo ink is the lack of FDA approval. There have not been enough studies on these inks performed to convince the FDA that the ink is safe or not safe to use. Besides UV tattoo ink you may also check our tattoo ink for darken skin posts.

Are they really invisible?

Most of the tattoos created using this ink are less noticeable than traditional creations, but not actually invisible. Some of the tattoos made using this ink resemble a scar when seen under normal light. The colored inks are totally visible in the day, but they often look faded.


The durability of these tattoos requires extra efforts on your part to protect them and care for them. The inks lose their ability to glow if you spend a lot of time in the sunlight. They need to be covered and cared for if they are going to last.

UV Tattoo Ink Advantages and Disadvantages 

Advantages and Disadvantages UV Tattoo Ink

When you are trying to decide on a UV tattoo it is best for you to think about the advantages and disadvantages that come along with this ink. Being informed will allow you to make the best decision for your safety.

Advantages of UV Tattoo Ink

  • It looks really cool when exposed to UV light
  • You can have a tattoo that is badass when you go to clubs and raves, but when you go to work or church the tattoo would not be apparent.
  • Can be used to outline an existing tattoo or used to create a custom design

Disadvantages of UV Ink

  • It could cause you to have an allergic reaction
  • The colored inks often look faded when they are viewed under normal lighting conditions. This occurs even when the ink is brand new.
  • The inks are thinner than normal tattoos
  • The invisible fallout ink can resemble a scar when it is not under a blacklight glow.
  • The FDA has not approved these inks as safe to use.
  • Some inks may contain phosphorous and that is a cancer-causing agent that you do not want to introduce into your body

People Also Asked About UV Tattoo Ink

Is UV tattoo ink dangerous?

This is a complicated question. Although the ingredients the majority of companies use to create this ink are non-toxic the FDA has not approved UV inks. There are not sufficient studies to prove the ink is safe, so until these studies have been conducted, we cannot actually give a definite yes or no to this question.

How long do UV ink tattoos last?

You can expect a UV tattoo to retain its ability to grow anywhere between 6 months and 5 years. The lasting ability of the ink depends on the ink and the ingredients it contains. Another huge factor in how long these ink designs will continue to be glowing under UV light is the amount of aftercare you give it.

Can UV tattoos cause cancer?

As long as the UV tattoo ink you are using does not contain phosphorous you do not have to worry about the ink being carcinogenic. Most of the tattoo inks that glow under the light of a blacklight do not contain phosphorous. The inks that contain this cancer-causing agent are usually promoted as glowing in total darkness and not glowing under UV light.


UV tattoo ink can be used to highlight an existing tattoo by going around the outline using UV ink. You can use the invisible fallout inks or you can use one of the amazing colors.

If you are looking to put a glowing tattoo on that will only be visible under a blacklight we recommend that you try the Mom’s Nuclear UV Tattoo Ink in Invisible Fallout. It is invisible to the naked eye and when you expose it to a blacklight you will have a glowing blue design that looks stunning.

If you prefer to have a colored tattoo that glows completely, we recommend the Bloodline 6 Color Tattoo UV Ink Highlight Set. The colored inks are visible all of the time and when you expose them to blacklights they glow in their true to color forms. Only the white is invisible.

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