Best White Tattoo Ink in 2022 -Comparison & Guide

I never really considered the need for white ink in tattooing until a reader wrote and asked our opinion on the best white ink for tattoos. As I thought about how to research the question, I realized I had to seek professional support.

Local tattoo artists talked to me about the frequency with which they had a need for white ink, and then they gave me a list of their favorite white inks. The pros explained that white ink has to be bright white for it to look nice in the design. They also told me that white ink is often purchased to use as a blending agent for the creation of custom and unique colors.

The following list includes the most frequently recommended items.

Top 5 White Tattoo Ink Comparison Table

Dynamic White Tattoo Ink Bottle
  • 1- 100% Vegan-friendly
  • 2- Long-lasting
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Millennium Mom's Tattoo White Ink
  • 1- Homogenized pigments
  • 2- Skin-friendly
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  • 1- Great consistency
  • 2- Suitable for all skin type
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Kuro Sumi Japanese White Tattoo Ink
  • 1- Superior consistency
  • 2- Natural ingredients
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Intenze Tattoo Ink – Snow White
  • 1- Superior quality
  • 2- Very opaque
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The 6 Best White Ink Tattoos Reviews

#1. White Tattoo Ink by Dynamic

White Tattoo Ink by Dynamic

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This is an enormous 8-ounce bottle of white tattoo ink. Of course, white is one of the most frequently used ink colors especially by an artist that creates custom colors and custom designs.

This is a pre-dispersed formula so the pigments are smaller and the substance is thinner than some other inks. The thinner ink is excellent if you are doing a stick and poke style tattoo because it is easier to pick up on the needle and it transfers into the skin more quickly. Unfortunately, pre-dispersed ink is seldom used to mix colors for custom tattoo creation.

This is hypoallergenic ink that is safe for the majority of people to use. Instances of ink reaction and allergies have been very low among people who have used this ink.

This is durable ink that does not easily fade or dissipate. It stays in place for several years and is not as affected by sunlight as some other inks of similar makeup.


  • Does not easily fade so it can last longer
  • Transfers quickly so less needle pricks and less pain associated with the tattoo
  • Big bottle so you have plenty to work with
  • Non-toxic ink that is safe for most skin types


  • White ink tattoo are often mistaken for scars

#2. Millenium Lom’s Tattoo Ink Set 

Millenium Lom’s Tattoo ink set

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The formula for this ink is smooth and it flows easily. It does not goop up or clumps up. It is excellent for anyone thinking of creating a stick and poke tattoo, but it can also be used with tattoo machines.

This hypoallergenic formula has been preferred by professionals for many years. The quality of the ink is consistent and throughout the bottle, the pigments are perfectly combined to create a rich color that does not have any variances. It is easy to use and most people have no problem tolerating the ink,

This is an ink that will not likely fade or dull over time. The color remains constant on the tattoo for years to come. It is not easily distorted by exposure to sunlight or other common ingredients that often make tattoo ink become aged.

It is recommended that if you choose to mix ink colors to create your own custom color that you only mix colors from the same brand. This ensures that your ink retains all of it integrity.


  • Hypoallergenic formula can be used even on sensitive skin areas
  • Creates a unique look when used alone
  • Blends well so you can create custom colors and designs
  • Does not raise the skin anymore than any other color ink does


  • If exposed to high amounts of sunlight the white ink has a tendency to tan, just like your skin does.

#3. White Ultra Tattoo Ink by Viking Ink

White Ultra Tattoo Ink by Viking Ink

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This white ink is very bright, and the color lasts for long periods of time. Years after you have the tattoo created the white of this ink will still be bright white and alluring.

This is a low allergic response ink. The number of people that have allergic issues with this ink is minimal. The ink is sterile, and the ingredients are high-quality and never tested on animals. This is a truly vegan ink.

The ink is very white when you see it in the bottle but when it settles in the skin the result is a bright but natural-appearing white. It is very easy to use and can be applied using stick and poke or machine tattoo applications.

The ink is very affordable and easy to get. You will find that a small amount of it does a lot of design area so you will not use much ink for an entire design.


  • Easy to apply using various processes
  • Long-lasting color that retains vividness for years
  • Non-toxic and safe on most skin types
  • Does not cause undo redness or swelling of area adjacent to the tattoo


  • You need a keen eye to apply white ink properly.

#4. Samurai White Tattoo Ink by Kuro Sumi

Samurai White Tattoo Ink by Kuro Sumi

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Two ounces of brilliant white ink can enhance your tattoo design. It is great for lining, coloring in wide areas, and all other tattoo techniques. The ways that you can use this ink are limited only by your imagination.

The ingredients that are used in the formulation of this ink are all organic. It is vegan ink and has no animal matter in the ingredients and was never tested on animals.

The color of this ink stays true with very little fading or distortion. It lasts for a long time in the bottle before it expires so you will get plenty of time to work with the ink before you have to buy more. With the reasonable price, this makes the ink a very profitable one for tattoo shops.

The ink is of a thin consistency but does not let that fool you. When it is transferred to your skin it has brilliant color and the thin consistency only makes it easier to transfer and be accepted by the skin.


  • Brilliant color that lasts for long periods of time if properly cared for
  • Does not cause a great number of people to have an adverse reaction
  • Creates a unique looking tattoo 
  • Vegan and tested with cruelty free practices


  • This ink is very thin and may not do well in rotary or coil machines.

#5. Snow White Opaque Tattoo Ink by Intenze

Snow White Opaque Tattoo Ink by Intenze

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This is pre-dispersed ink. The ink is thinner than some other similar products but is quickly accepted by the skin. The thinner substance is easier to transfer and smoother than most inks are.

The majority of tattoo artists that use this ink say they will use it again. The color is distinct and appealing. It gives you true white coloration and not a faded or yellow-hued white. It is amazing on patriotic tattoos that combine red, white, and blue and need the white to be crisp for the contrast.

This is a safe ink that is hypoallergenic. It is not tested on animals, and it is sterile upon arrival. The bottle is sealed to protect the integrity of the ink.

It pours easily and although it is thin it is not runny or watery. It can be used no matter what type of tattoo technique you plan to use. It works on poke and sticks and works equally well on tattoo gun creations. You can even blend it with other colors and create your own formula and color.


  • Requires a very small amount to be used
  • Vivid color that stands out
  • User friendly and hypoallergenic
  • Does not age and turn yellow as time passes


  • Recommended for poke and stick due to the consistency of the liquid.

#6. White Ultra Tattoo Ink by Viking

White Ultra Tattoo Ink by Viking

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The ink in this bottle is easy to apply to the skin and creates an amazing true color white when you do. It is not a really thin ink but is a smooth consistency that is great with tattoo guns and sticks and pokes procedures. It is lightweight and that makes it much easier for the ink to penetrate the skin.

Over time this white will not turn yellow or become dull and lifeless. It will retain its true color and vibrancy for many years. You can expect it to stay pure in color even if you expose the area to great amounts of ultra-violet light while tanning or working outdoors.

This product is developed and manufactured in the United States. It meets all regulations for tattoo ink and is a vegan product that is never tested on animals. It is cruelty-free and safe for use on humans.

The manufacturer does not report a high number of ink allergies from this product. It is sterile when it arrives at your shop and you do not have to worry about exposing clients to contaminants.


  • Sterile and ready to use
  • Made in the USA under stricter regulations
  • True white that lasts for years
  • Versatile and can be applied using rotary or coil guns


  • You need to cover a white tattoo when you are in the sun to prevent tanning or discoloration.

Things to Consider Before Buying White Tattoo Ink

Things to Consider Before Buying White Tattoo Ink

To help you select the best ink we compiled a list of things you want your ink to have or do. Consider each benefit the ink offers, and then consider what benefits you need the most.

How Long will it Last?

You want to consider two time periods when you choose tattoo ink. You want an ink that is not going to quickly expire. That lengthy time gives you more time to use the product completely before it expires and needs to be tossed.

How Long will it Last

You also want ink that is proven to last for years on a tattoo and still retain color and integrity. To get this kind of guarantee you have to buy ink that has been around for a long time. If you buy ink from newer manufacture, it is something of a gamble because the substance may last or may fade and distort.

Skin Suitability

The type of skin that the ink can be used on is going to make a big difference in your product selection. If you are tattooing others you will want to consider getting ink that is safe for sensitive skin because you never know when a customer is going to have sensitive skin.

Dermatologist Tested Products

Dermatologist-tested products are going to be more strictly examined for safety. The dermatologist put these products through rigorous tests to make sure they are safe, effective, and produce as few as possible allergic reactions.

You also want to make sure that the products you buy are not tested on animals. Most of your clients will prefer to use products that are labeled cruelty-free or vegan, and only products that have never been tested on animals fit that description.

Are White Ink Tattoos Worth It? 

Are white ink tattoos worth it

If you want everyone that sees your tattoo to notice it then you might not want a white ink tattoo. If you are getting white as an accent color in a design then it may be worth every penny.

Pros of White Ink

  • White ink is complimentary on the majority of skin tones. If you put it on light colored skin the ink looks bright and if you put it on dark colored skin the ink is a great contrast
  • White ink tends to glow under UV light because white is naturally radiant
  • When you use the white ink to create a border around a tattoo you create a halo effect
  • You can use white ink to create a 3D effect
  • White ink causes the raised skin of a healed tattoo to be more visible

How Do White Tattoo Inks Differ from Other Colors? 

White ink is unique. It is a brilliant color and it glows under UV light. It produces a unique look on tattoo designs that you cannot get using other colors.

White ink is quick to fade. A lot of people are very disappointed with their white ink tattoos because they do not have the sustainability that other colors possess.

White ink can be used to create 3D effects by outlining the tattoo and allowing the raised skin to appear clearly when the tattoo heals. It can also be used to create a contrast on dark skin.

White ink tattoos are not as obvious as darker ink tattoos and they can be overlooked by many of the judgmental people who would tell you to not wear a tattoo.

White ink has to be inserted deeper into the skin for lasting results. If the ink fades or discolors it is very hard for the artist to capture the color and look again. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can white ink cover a black tattoo?

You can use white ink over a black ink tattoo to lighten the appearance of the tattoo. The white ink will not totally obliviate the black ink, and it may even enhance the design or give it a halo look or 3D look.

How long does it take for white tattoo ink to fade?

White ink is the fastest color to fade. The white may begin to fade in just a few short months. Or it can retain the value of the color for a few years. Almost all white ink will eventually fade or discolor.

Do white ink tattoos age well?

White ink tattoos do not age well. They tend to fade, discolor, turn yellow, and lose their luster quickly compared to other colors.

Why is white ink more painful?

To establish a good tattoo using white ink the needle has to penetrate farther. The skin that the ink is placed in has to be stretched and forced to accept the color. This causes a greater amount of discomfort during the tattoo process.

Why are white ink tattoos bad for you?

White ink tattoos are bad because they have to be done deeper than other colors. This puts you at a greater risk of infection and damage to the skin. The tattoo will take longer to heal and may be more likely to create severe scarring.


White ink tattoos are unique and unusual. Most people choose to have white ink because they are looking for a unique creation that will be a pure work of art. The ink does have a tendency to fade quicker than other colors, but it also has the unique ability to glow and radiate.

Before you try to do a white ink tattoo it is highly recommended that you seek the advice and guidance of a professional tattoo artist with experience using this product. The technique for applying this color requires a skilled hand to do it correctly.

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