Best Wireless Tattoo Machine 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Wireless technology has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Our telephones are wireless, our computers, our mixers, and drills, and now our tattoo machines have joined the wireless generation. They make our work easier to do, they are lighter and more flexible, and they create beautiful works of art.

According to a group of experts, the best wireless tattoo machine will depend on the design you are creating, the skin type and tone of the client, and the skills of the tattoo artist. We took the long list of recommendations they gave us and narrowed them to the most frequently recommended machines.

Top 6 Best Wireless Tattoo Machine 

#1. Rotary Battery Pen Tattoo Cartridge Machine by Ambition

Rotary Battery Pen Tattoo Cartridge Machine by Ambition

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One of the greatest features of this device is that it can be completely disassembled so every part can be cleaned and maintained. It allows you to be certain that your equipment is sterile and ready for use. 

This is a rotary device so it does both shading and outlining. It handles a 6 to 8 volt for shading and an 8 to 9 volt for lining jobs. It has a powerful motor that is reliable and produces almost no vibration while it is being used. That means more stable art creations and less mistakes or pain for your client.

The battery is powerful and long-lasting. You can give it a complete charge in two hours or less. The device will have enough power for you to use it on an eight-volt setting for up to six hours before you have to charge the battery again.

The unit is compatible with all makes and brands of cartridge needles. It easily transfers ink from the needle to the skin so you get smooth and flawless line creations. It is gentle and lightweight. Your hand and forearm will not cramp from holding the weight of the tattoo machine up for several hours while you work. Your hand will be more stable so the creation will be more stable, and the design will have more intricate detail and less distortion.


  • Lightweight and does not cause hand fatigue
  • Quiet while in operation
  • Low vibrations for smooth applications
  • Affordable


  • Wireless machines can need to be recharged in the middle of big tattoo projects so you may need to have more than one machine on hand.

#2. Rotary Pen Machine by Mast

Rotary Pen Machine by Mast

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This is a small unit that is super easy to travel with. If you do tattoo work from different locations or want to take your equipment with you when you go somewhere this machine makes that a realistic possibility.

This machine can create a tattoo design much faster than many similar items. It is smooth and quiet while it is working. The quiet operation helps to put the client at ease and causes them to move less and be able to maintain position longer.

The needle depth of this device ranges from 0 to 4.0 mm and the stroke length is a 3.5 mm. You can adjust the needle to create a perfect depth according to the skin density and type of the customer you are tattooing.

This unit has a Japanese coreless motor powering it. You can expect to get service from it for 3000 hours or more. It is a small machine that fits very easily in your hand, so you are more comfortable while you work. That always translates to better design creations.

This is an affordable piece of equipment that will be an asset to any tattoo artist. You can even get a second battery to have a fully charged battery so you never run out of juice in the middle of a design.


  • Ergonomic design makes it easy to handle
  • Great for beginners
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Small and easy to transport


  • The small size of this pen is often uncomfortable for people with larger hands to hold.

#3. Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen by Solong Tattoo

Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen by Solong Tattoo

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This machine has a housing made from aircraft aluminum. The aircraft aluminum is durable and lightweight. You can drop your machine, or use it for years and the housing will still be strong and reliable. You can even run over your device with a car and the aircraft aluminum will retain shape and functionality.

This package is complete with a tattoo pen, 2 lithium batteries so you never lose power, a pen base to hold the unit when you are not working, an adapter that allows you to charge the battery, a USB connection cable for charging purposes is also included. It is a complete kit that gets you ready to work.

This device has a battery that charges in about one hour. Once the battery is charged the unit will work at about 8-volts for up to 6 hours without fail. It is consistent and smooth in operation, and most artists love the fact that it has little to no vibrations from the motor. It also whispers quietly which is calming to the client.

This item is easy to use and will do both lining and shading work. If you need to do color packing or other detail work you do not have to change machines, just change the needle, make your depth adjustments and keep on working.


  • Easy to follow directions
  • Perfect for beginning artists
  • No cords to tangle or trip over
  • Quiet and does not get warm to the touch while in use


  • When the battery starts to run low the pen can start to sputter and cause lines to be less attractive.

#4. Mast Archer Cordless Tattoo Machine 

Mast Archer Cordless Tattoo Machine

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The machine has an LED display that shows you exactly what voltage you are currently using. You have more control over your designs and creations because you know exactly what voltage you are operating at and can determine if you need to increase or decrease that voltage according to how the work is going.

It takes about two hours to complete a charge on this machine. Once you have it charged it will operate for about eight hours before it needs to be recharged. You can do the majority of work that you are going to do in an eight-hour period, so you do not have to stop often and recharge or wait for a charge.

It is completely adjustable and allows you to control needle depth and line thickness. It works as both a shader and a liner so you do not have to have several machines, the one device can do the job of many.

It is light and very easy to handle. It is attractive and most tattoo artists say that it is virtually silent while it is working. Clients are not frightened by the appearance or the sound of the machine. It does not vibrate so the lines you create will be straighter and smoother than you ever thought possible.


  • Easy to read display
  • Variable adjustments to voltage give you more precision
  • Long battery charge
  • Creates smooth lines


  • Not a good applicator for inks that are thin.

#5. Tattoo Machine by Jconly

Tattoo Machine by Jconly

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This is a complete tattoo machine that can do both lining and shading work. It comes with everything you need to get started, including 20 needle cartridges.

It is a very light device that is small and easy to transport from one location to another. It does come with a holding base to support it when you are not holding it during creation. You can work indoors and outside because the unit is versatile and easy to take with you. It fits comfortably in your palm so your hand does not cramp under the strain of use.

This is a quiet device that does not shudder or vibrate. You make perfectly flawless lines using it because it is steady and stable. You do not have to apply a lot of pressure so the pain the client feels is normally less than it would be with other products similar to this one.

You will find that it accepts needle cartridges that come from many different manufacturers. It is completely adjustable so you control the depth, and that controls the lasting impression the ink creates.

This unit can be used to tattoo lip liner, eyeliner, permanent makeup, and tattoos on any portion of the body. It is affordable and versatile so it is convenient for any tattoo professional.


  • Perfect for a variety of uses
  • Innovative design that is attractive and fashionable
  • Sized appropriately for all hand sizes and types
  • Low noise during use


  • The light device has a greater tendency to create vibrations than heavier devices do.

#6. Hawkin Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen Kit 

Hawkin Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen Kit 

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This is an affordable rotary tattoo machine that will give you the power to create almost any tattoo design that you can create. It does line work, and it does shading work, and it can be used to do color packing work too.

The device is light and is held in your hand much like you hold a normal fountain pen. You can quickly adjust to holding the device at the right angle to allow perfect ink flow so you have less false starts and distorted image creations.

The pen does not vibrate and due to the reduction in vibrations, it creates very little noise while it is in operation. The lack of vibration keeps your lines straighter and stops unusual hand pains from happening. The quiet operation also allows the customer to be more relaxed and less likely to tense their muscles or move while you are working. Some customers even swear that the machine is less painful at tattoo creation.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Great for beginners or professionals
  • Can do a variety of techniques
  • Creates tattoos with less pain


  • Must be used with thicker inks to be effective.

What is a Wireless Tattoo Machine? 

Wireless Tattoo Machine

A wireless tattoo machine is a rotary tattoo device that operates on battery power. They are capable of performing lining duties and shading duties so you can complete a design with only one tattoo gun instead of having to set up several guns.

A wireless tattoo gun eliminates the cord that gets in the way while you are working. They allow you to position yourself in manners that will give you better access to the area where the tattoo needs to be implemented. You do not have a cord to reposition, and you have the freedom to move around because you are not tethered to the wall.

These devices are perfect for tattoo artists that work outdoors. They are lightweight and very easy to carry with you. They are smaller than many other tattoo machines and they do not cause muscle cramping and hand fatigue that is associated with many of these devices.

These are perfect units for beginning tattoo artists. They are quiet, stable, and easy to use.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Wireless Tattoo Machine

Things to Consider Before Buying a Wireless Tattoo Machine

When you go to buy your first wireless tattoo machine there are a few things to compare and consider so you get the right equipment for the work you do most often. I suggest creating a checklist of the benefits and features you want a machine to offer so you can compare the benefits and features of the equipment against your list and find something you will be happy with.

Battery Range

How long the battery will maintain a charge while working at the desired voltage is one of the most important factors. You need a battery that will give you power for several hours because creating a tattoo masterpiece takes time. You can find many of these devices capable of working for upwards of 6 to 8 hours at an 8-volt level. This allows you many hours to create your masterpiece.


The weight of the tattoo machine does not make that big of a difference in the line creation it does. The weight of the machine either helps the artist or hinders the artist in their work.

Heavy tattoo machines cause the muscles in your arms and hands to begin to cramp after just an hour or two of usage. When your muscles start to cramp you cannot hold the equipment still and you wind up creating a shakier line because you are actually shaking.

Lighter machines that have housings made of aircraft aluminum and aluminum alloys allow you to work for hours with no pain and no shaking. You do more work because you can work for longer periods of time, and you do better work because your hands are stable.

Needle compatibility

You have to know what needles can be used in the device. Some machines are fabulous and can accept the majority of all needles so the needles are easy to find and you can use your favorite. Some machines will accept just one type of needle and this can make things difficult if you have to order those needles and wait for them to arrive, and if you do not particularly like that style of the needle.

Maintenance Considerations

You have to give thought to the maintenance that a machine is going to require. Some devices can be completely taken apart so you can clean and sterilize them after each use. Some devices are going to be limited in how many pieces of the machine can be taken apart.

Most machines are going to be maintenance-free and not need oiling or special care, but always read and make sure that the machine you are about to buy is going to be useful and easy to care for.


You hate to say that cost is a consideration but most people have to buy items that fit within their budget allowance. Most people cannot buy anything they want without considering the price of the item.

A device that can be used as more than one type of tattoo machine should be thought of as two or more machines when you are comparing prices. The single-use machines may cost less but they do only one kind of tattoo and you have to buy two or more machines to do a complete dolor-filled work of art. Keep this in mind when you are comparing prices.

How to Use a Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine 

Before you create a tattoo, you have to adjust and set your wireless tattoo machine so the needles will penetrate to the right depth, and transfer the ink properly. You also have to hold the machine at the proper angle and learn to load the right amount of ink in the needle so you get a smooth transfer with minimal waste.

If you are going to be creating an outline you need to set your machine to provide between 7.5 and 8.5 volts. This gives you ample power to do the work that lining requires.

You have to determine the most comfortable method of holding your gun. The pen-style guns can be held like you would an ink pen. If you tip up too far you will stop the ink from transferring properly.

You have to adjust the fingers that are not holding the machine so they allow you to work without creating a base that rocks or keeps you too far above the skin you are tattooing.

You need to make sure and practice your tattooing angles and depth on practice skin before you begin working on humans.

FAQ About Rotary Tattoo Machines

Do Rotary Tattoo Machines Hurt More?

When you get a tattoo needles poke through your skin to deliver ink beneath the surface. Ouch. This is the same whether you are having a tattoo put on using coil machines or rotary machines. The pain level is not lessened by the machine other than a rotary machine is faster than a stick and poke so there would be less pain because the process is over quickly.

Are Dragonhawk Tattoo Machines Good?

Dragonhawk tattoo machines are high-quality devices that many tattoo artists prefer over any other device. The machines work effectively and they are durable. The preference of one brand of machine over another brand is a personal choice that can only be made after you have some experience with using different brands and styles of machines.

What Tattoo Machines Do Professionals Use?

Professional tattoo artists usually have several different machines that they use according to the design and lines they need the machine to establish. They generally have coil machines that do only one type of tattooing and they also keep the rotary or wireless machines on hand for long tattoo sessions that are going to stress their hands a lot.

What are the Best Tattoo Machines for Beginners?

A beginner is going to have more success using a wireless pen-style tattoo machine than any other type. The pen-style machines fit into your hand like a writing pen so it is natural for you to hold them properly where the needle makes good contact with the skin.


Wireless tattoo machines are easy to use, lightweight, portable, and they really do not cost that much money. They are a user-friendly device that lets you master the art of tattoo creation without a lot of messed-up ink.

If you want to get a wireless machine that is super easy to use and can be thoroughly cleaned then we suggest you check the Rotary Battery Pen Tattoo Cartridge Machine by Ambition out. It is a great machine and it comes totally apart to make cleaning and maintenance super easy to do. This is a light machine that can also be used indoors or outdoors and can easily be taken with you to other locations if you have a mobile work situation.

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