How Long Does It Take for a Nose Piercing to Close Up

The act of piercing the nose has recently gained more popularity in the United States, but this practice has been around for a very long time. It is surmised that this practice began in Australia in about 44,000 B.C.

In the US and many other places, a nose piercing is done as a statement of individuality, and because a person desires to be a “little different” from the mainstream society. People who belonged to subcultures like the “punks” and the “goths” often pierce their noses as a sign that they belong to these cultures.

However, nose piercing can usually take up to 24 hours to close.

In some portions of the world, the nose is pierced when a woman marries. There are people who believe that piercing the left nostril will help to ease the pain of menses. In Northern Africa, the nose ring can be a symbol of great wealth and prestige.

How Long Does it Take for a Nose Piercing to Close?

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In the tip sounds like the easiest piercing but the tip of the nose has a tendency to have more nerve endings and this piercing can hurt more than the other types.

To create a nose piercing a tattoo artist or piercing specialist will create a hole or incision in the cartilage or the skin of your nasal area. This procedure should be done using a traditional needle.

Piercing guns can be used to pierce the nose. Piercing guns do create a higher chance that you will suffer damages during the piercing. These guns can cause tissue damage that is less likely if the artist uses the typical hollow needle.

In order to wear jewelry and adornments on your nose, you must wear them the majority of the time. The holes created during the piercing can quickly seal and leave the option of wearing jewelry out of the question.

New Piercings

In the immediate time period after a piercing, you must keep the nose ring in place because the hole can actually heal over, or close up in a matter of minutes. Any nose piercing that is less than a year old will easily heal over in a matter of hours, or possibly days.

Established Piercings

Even established piercings that have been present for more than a year can heal over or close up in a few days to weeks. You have to take care to prevent this from occurring.

How Do I Stop the Nose Piercing from Closing?

How Do I stop the nose piercing from closing

The best, and easiest way to prevent your nose piercing from closing is to wear jewelry in the hole all of the time. There are times though when you cannot wear jewelry and you do not want the hole to close.

During these times you can wear a clear acrylic retainer that will keep the hole open but will be less noticeable than jewelry. The clear retainer can also be worn when you are getting procedures like an MRI done.

Can I Re-Pierce My Nose?

If your piercing does heal over or close up you cannot re-pierce the area through the same hole. The tissue that closes the hole is scar tissue. Scar tissue is weaker than normal healthy tissue. You can create health issues if you pierce through scar tissue.

Areas of Nose Piercing

Areas of Nose Piercing

The nose can be pierced in 6 specific areas. They are…

  • In the nostril on either side right above the curve of the nose.
  • In the septum is a common piercing but it requires the artist to carefully choose the location by using their knowledge of where the cartilage of the nose begins and ends.
  • High on the bridge of the nose a piercing through the skin deceptively appears to go through the bones of the nose.
  • In the nasallang the piercer has to place three holes through the septum at one time. The result will appear as if each nostril is pierced but there are a lot more details involved in this piercing style
  • Higher on the nostril allows you to layer your nose jewelry, but the pieces that you can wear in this location are limited

Final Thoughts

Care for your nose piercing by wearing your jewelry most of the time, and using piercing retainers when jewelry is not an option.

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