How to Change a Belly Button Piercing for the First Time

Belly button piercings are in a rather sensitive area of the body, and many people worry that if they try to change the ring out, they will cause pain or discomfort. The truth is that changing the ring in your belly button for another ring is very easy to do.

Belly Button Piercing Precautions

Belly Button Piercing Precautions

Before you change the ring that is in your belly button piercing you will need to get the replacement ring.

The gauge of the ring refers to the thickness or diameter of the bar of the piece. If you try to insert a ring that has a larger gauge or is thicker than the one you are currently wearing, you could cause damage and you will most definitely feel some pain.  You will be trying to increase the size of the hole made by your piercing if you insert a larger ring.

If you insert a smaller ring there is a good chance that you will lose the piece of jewelry. The smaller diameter may allow the ring to slip out of the piercing and be lost.

If you went to a professional to have your belly button pierced then the gauge of the ring that you now have is likely to be 14. This is the most popular thickness, and following a standard thickness, it allows people with piercings to easily purchase alternative jewelry.

Right After Piercing

Time to Change a Belly Button Piercing

Many piercing specialists opt to insert a 12mm bar as the first piece of jewelry. The 12 mm is slightly smaller and allows the swelling in the area to be reduced prior to inserting a bar of full-thickness. They will recommend how long you should wait before you swap the ring over to the standard size.

Measuring the ring to determine the gauge

If you do not know the gauge of the bar on your belly button ring you should measure it before you get a new one. To make the measurements use a soft tailor’s tape measure and measure the width of the bar. A 14-gauge ring measures 1.6 mm.

Step by Step Guide How to Change the Belly Button Ring 

Change the Belly Button Ring 

To change the ring and insert another item you should follow the following steps:

1. Prepare the new ring by sanitizing it

To sanitize the new ring, you can soak the item in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes. When you remove the item from the rubbing alcohol you should use a clean cloth and wipe all of the excess alcohol from the surface.

Note: Alcohol can be harsh and cause your jewelry finish to become dull or lose luster. If you worry about this happening simply clean the new ring using the antibacterial soap you use for your hands. Make certain to rinse and dry the ring before insertion.

2. Wash hand with antibacterial soap

Clean your hands using an antibacterial soap to remove possible contagions.

3. Remove the ball from your belly

Once the ball is pulled off of the bar the item should easily slip out of the pierced hole. If the ring does not easily slip out you should seek the advice of your tattoo or piercing specialist.

If the piercing has not healed properly then it might stick in the hole and be difficult to remove. If you force the piece of jewelry to be pulled free there is a chance that you can cause injury to the site.

4. Wash the piercing area

Clean the area of the piercing using an antibacterial wipe or antibacterial soap and water prior to inserting the new piece of jewelry.

5. Slide your new ring in from the top

If the new jewelry has a ball then place the ball on the bar and snap it firmly into place to hold the ring secure. If the new jewelry is a curved piece that does not have a ball on the end position the ring into position so it will be visible and aesthetically pleasing.

6. Store it in your bag

Clean the ring you removed and then place it in a jewelry bag or in your jewelry box so you do not lose it.

Video guide to change your navel piercing must watch.

FAQ’S for Belly Button Piercing

How long should I wait before I change my bellybutton ring for the first time?

A belly button piercing takes longer to thoroughly heal than any other piercing style. It can take as long as 8 months for the piercing to completely heal. The majority of piercing experts recommend that you keep the initial piece of jewelry in place for at least six months before changing. Keep the ring turned so it does not stick to the skin around it.

Will it hurt to change my belly button ring for the first time?

There should be no pain or discomfort when you change the belly button jewelry if the piercing is completely healed. You should remove the original jewelry from the top and insert the new piece from the top. If you experience pain or discomfort during this procedure you might have a ring that is larger than the one you removed, your piercing may not be properly healed, or there may be another issue causing the new jewelry to pinch the area. Stop what you are doing and examine everything before continuing.

Can I injure myself while changing a belly button ring?

You can actually create an injury while changing your belly button jewelry. If you are trying to insert a new piece of jewelry that is thicker than the original piece you can damage the skin around or in the piercing. You can also injure yourself if you try to insert an item that is not an approved piece of jewelry for use in the navel area.

Can I use any ring in my belly button piercing?

No, you cannot. When you replace the ring in your belly button piercing you must use an improved replacement piece. Other jewelry items are not made to be long enough or to have a thickness great enough to be used in a belly button piercing. The proper jewelry will be long enough to secure and will not have a tendency to pull out of the piercing or be lost.

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