How to Plan a Tattoo Party – Detailed Guide

A tattoo party is a great way for you and several of your friends to get a tattoo at the same time. It takes a lot of planning and preparation to get set for an event such as this.

How to Throw a Tattoo Party

1. Find Friends Who are Interested

Before you can have a tattoo party or even look for the artist to do the tattoo work you have to know that several of your friends would be interested in attending. When you go to hire the artist they will want to know how many people are going to be there to get ink, and how detailed the designs will be.

You need to get friends that you know will show up because cancellations will be hard on the artist. You can invite a few friends who are not getting ink but who might like to visit and learn more about the tattoo process.

2. Get the Designs


Get your friends to create drawings or clip out pictures of tattoo designs they want to get at the party. These drawings will be provided to the artist so they can tell you how much the work will cost for each person, how long the work will take for each person, and how much of a deposit they will require to secure the date for you.

3. Book a Tattoo Artist

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You have to find a tattoo artist that is willing to come to your location with all of their supplies. This may be harder than you think because you want a professional with experience so you can guarantee your guests quality work that will be done safely and hygienically.

Things to do and consider:

  • Make an appointment to go see the artist in person and discuss the gathering
  • Take the drawings of the tattoo designs with you
  • Ask the artist if there are any things they specifically need on the night of the party. This might include access to electrical outlets, access to water, plenty of lighting, etc.
  • You can pay the deposit now or you can get money from each friend and pay the deposit later. This depends on the artist and their schedule.
  • Ask the artist if music playing will be a distraction.
  • Ask the artist if observers will be a distraction.
  • Be sure to ask the artist what they prefer to drink while they work, water or soda so you can have them a beverage on hand that they will like.

Write down all of the information the artist gives you so you can talk to your friends and get the date and details established.

4. Confirm the Guest List

You need to call or visit each friend that will be getting ink at the party and confirm that they will be there and that they do intend to get the ink work done.

Be sure to tell your friends that after they get their tattoo they can drink alcohol but prior to getting their tattoo they need to abstain from drinking. You might even consider making this event an alcohol-free one to make sure that the guests waiting for tattoo work are done. 

5. Prepare the Area

You need a place to let the artist set up their workstation. You want to have an area that is slightly secluded from where everyone will be sitting around and talking. Some people like their privacy and the artist needs to be in a place where they will not be jostled by the crowd or be distracted while they work.

Setting up the work area in a separate room is a good idea. The kitchen is a good idea because the artist will have access to running water. If there is going to be food and drinks in the kitchen consider setting up a table near the tattoo artist with ample water basins so they can wash their hands and keep things clean.

Some of the things needed will be:

  • A chair for the person getting the tattoo to sit in. If you have something they can sit in and prop their feet up at the same time this might be very handy.
  • The tattoo artist will also need a chair or rolling stool to sit on while they work
  • A small table for the artist tools will be needed
  • Make sure there is plenty of lighting
  • A trash can

6. Shop for Food and Supplies

This is a gathering of friends so you do need a few snacks and drinks, alcohol and non-alcohol varieties depending on the alcohol rules you have established.

Some things to have on hand include:

  • Chips
  • Nuts
  • Soda or bottled water
  • Sandwiches or finger foods
  • Disposable drink glasses
  • Plenty of ice
  • Paper plates
  • Napkins
  • Paper towels
  • Extra toilet tissue for the bathroom

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Tattoo Party Work?

The party host invites several friends who all want new ink to come to one location and allows a tattoo artist to give each of them a new tattoo. Everyone is at the party for the same reason and you socialize with each other while waiting your turn with the tattoo artist.

How Long is a Typical Tattoo Session?

For the most part, a tattoo session usually lasts between four and six hours. A large part of these hours is the selecting of the design and preparation. Large tattoos may take much longer, or be created during a series of visits instead of just one.

What Does a Tattoo Party Mean?

It means that a group of like-minded people gather in one place to visit and enjoy each other’s company while a tattoo artist works on each one individually to give them some new ink.

How Much Should I Budget for a Tattoo?

Go ahead and budget close to $200 so you can be sure to get the size and detail that you want. You can find tattoos that are less than $100 but have the extra just in case you fall in love with a more detailed design.

Final Thoughts

A tattoo party can be a lot of fun but you should consider keeping the guest list small. The artist needs time to do their work so having just three or four friends who want tattoos will be ideal. Ask the artist if they can handle more people. Also, having friends around who are not getting the ink may be distracting to everyone so ask the friends getting the tattoos what their preferences are.

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