How to Stop Shaking When Getting a Tattoo

Shaking may simply be your body’s outward sign of tattoo anxiety you are experiencing. Anxiety is normal and we all experience different levels of anxiety when we go to do things like getting a tattoo.

There are several ways to address this anxiety and stop having tremors or visible shaking.

Identify the Source of Your Anxiety

There are many different things that cause anxiety in people about getting a tattoo. Before you can calm your nerves and stop the shaking you are going to need to address the causes of your anxiety.

Common reasons why people get anxious before or while getting a tattoo include:

  • The fear of pain
  • The money that the tattoo is going to cost
  • The fear of what other people are going to say or think about the tattoo
  • The fear of the permanent marking
  • The fear of how the ink will look when completed
  • Fear of caring for the ink and possible problems after the tattoo

Coping with Tattoo Anxiety Causes

Fear of Pain

The fear of pain is one of the most common tattoo anxieties. One way that you can deal with that fear is to visit your tattoo shop. You want to sit and talk with the artist and let them know about your concerns.

Do not worry, they are not going to judge you or think that you are a sissy. They understand the anxiety about pain and they can tell you realistically how much pain you will experience and methods of dealing with the pain.

You can also watch people getting tattoos while you are in the shop. Seeing other people get their work done and seeing how they react will help you to rationalize the pain associated with getting a tattoo.

Deep Breathing

Doing deep breathing exercises will help you to face your anxiety about pain. As you do deep breathing exercises you learn to calm yourself and you actually lower your blood pressure.

  • Take a deep cleansing breath and hold it for three to five seconds. As you breathe in concentrate on the breath as it fills your lungs.
  • Release the breath in a slow and calculated manner. 
  • Repeat this step and with each deep breath imagine that the fears are being released from your body.

Some people find deep breathing exercises to be more effective if they close their eyes. You can visualize yourself in a place where you always feel calm and relaxed. Try to see yourself sitting in a relaxed location surrounded by calm and serene things that comfort you and bring you joy.

Fear of the Cost

The best way to handle the fear of the money you are about to spend is to talk with the tattoo artist. If you set a budget of how much you can realistically afford to invest in your tattoo and then talk to your artist they can help you find design solutions that work within your budget.

You should determine the exact amount you can afford and if you are wanting to get a tattoo that is out of your comfort budget you can start to save the money so you can get the work done when you have the money.

Tattoo artists work very hard for their money and they understand budgets and financial limitations., Do not be ashamed if you have to save up to get the tattoo you want, or if you have to get the tattoo in stages.

A lot of people get an outline of the tattoo design they want and come back later to have the colors filled in, or to get elaborate details added to the outline.

Doubts and Fear of Judgement

It is normal for us to have some doubts when we make a decision that we know some people are going to disapprove of. It is often hard for us to stop hearing the judgments that we assume other people are going to make about our choices.

You have to let yourself make choices and understand that other people are going to judge. This is your body and your life. You have the right to do things that make you happy and if other people cannot live with that or accept your choices then spend less time around those people.

You get one life. Make it what you want it to be.

Final Thoughts

Shaking from anxiety occurs to most people at some time in their lives. The best thing you can do about this is to realize that it is a symptom of anxiety and then take steps to control or reduce that anxiety. You should always be comfortable enough with your tattoo artist to talk to them. Sometimes simply speaking the anxiety out loud is enough to help you gain control over it.

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