How to Wear a Bra with a New Tattoo

A bra can be uncomfortable to wear if you have a new tattoo that the bra will cover or come into contact with. If at all possible, you should just leave the bra off until the tat heals, but I know there are times when you have to put on the bra and bear the pain.

The biggest concern with wearing a bra with a fresh tattoo is damaging the tattoo. Most people can bear the pain because we are used to bras making us uncomfortable. But, the thought of causing irritation, rubbing away scabs, or permanently scarring our new tattoo will make us find ways to wear a bra safely.

When You Wear a Bra with New Tattoos, Do These Things

When You Wear a Bra with New Tattoos

Choose a T-Shirt Bra

One thing that will make bra-wearing more comfortable and safer with a new tattoo is to wear a t-shirt bra. These bras are made of soft material like your favorite t-shirt is. They normally fit a little looser than your push-up bras do, and they have less elastic.

These bras will not rub the tattoo as vigorously and they will be less irritating. You can even choose to wear one that is a little larger than normal so you have more room and less contact.

Wear a Camisole Bra

There are a lot of camisoles that have built-in bras. These undergarments are designed to lift and hold the breasts without the normal constriction of an elastic band wrapped around you. 

The camisoles that have built-in bras come made from a wide variety of materials. Choose the softest one possible to wear during this period.

Skip the Wires

You do not want to wear a bra that has wire supports in it. These bras are usually tight-fitting and the wires can work loose and do damage.

Skip the Lace

Lace on bras is popular and very feminine. Lace on bras can also scratch you and make you itch. Lace over a tattoo can remove the scabs, tear the skin, and scar the tattoo. Lace needs to be avoided until the tattoo has totally healed.

Wear a Tank Top and Put on an Overshirt

One thing you can do is skip the bra and wear a tank top under a loose-fitting overshirt. The tank top will not provide the same support as a bra, but with it and the overshirt your breasts will be demurely covered and you will be comfortable being in mixed company or being out of the house.

Wear Darker Colors

When you are trying to hide the fact that your bra is not the same as the ones you normally wear avoid wearing very light-colored clothing. Darker colored shirts will help to minimize the look of the breasts and will stop your breasts from being seen through the material of the shirt.

Wear Bigger Clothes

During the first two weeks after getting a tattoo, you should wear clothing that does not hug or fit your body closely. Clothing can scar tattoos and even if you wear the perfect bra alternative if you put a shirt on that snugs up against your skin the material of that shirt is going to rub and irritate the new wound you have.

Choose loose clothing and if possible, think this through before you get the new ink so you have a wardrobe plan in mind. Remember that darker colors are warmer and may make you perspire more so avoid full sun exposure until the ink heals.

Place a Bandage Over the Tattoo

Place a Bandage Over the Tattoo

Another option is for you to bandage the tattoo so the bra does not actually make contact with it. Bandages do restrict airflow and they can cause the tattoo to heal slower, but they can also protect the tattoo from materials and items of clothing that may be harmful to it.

Tattoo Care for Ladies

Wait at least four days after getting a tattoo before you try to wear a bra. When you plan your tattoo know that it takes at least 14 days for a tattoo to properly heal. If you are slow to heal or if there are any complications during the time of healing the healing time may be extended to 21 days or more.

Plan to get your tattoo when you have about 4 days that you could wear really comfy clothing that is not restrictive, will let the tattoo breathe, and will be soft and not harsh against the skin. If you cannot plan for four days with no bra then try to make sure that you have a soft pullover bra with less elastic and less rough materials made into it.

Final Thoughts

Tattoos are beautiful expressions of art that you want to preserve and protect. The first few weeks they are wounds that must heal. Avoiding tight bras, and materials like denim and wool are recommended.

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