About Painful Joy

We love tattoos. We love the unique creations that provide people with the ability to express their most intimate feelings and thoughts. I guess that should be rephrased to say we like “good” tattoos. We have all seen some tattoo work that simply does not measure up and, in my opinion, a bad tattoo is a travesty because it means someone is scarred and marred.

We want all of our readers to understand what it takes to make a tattoo a good one or a bad one. We want people to understand the process of tattooing, the inks that should be used, and all of the fine details so they are capable of either becoming a tattoo artist and implementing what they learn or so they can talk to and choose an artist who will do good work for them.

We rely heavily on our resident tattoo and beauty specialist to help us educate our readers. We quiz our experts on each subject and have them try countless products when we are trying to determine the best products for different techniques, or safety.

Painful Joy Will Cover

tattoo equipment and tattoo machine

Tattoo Equipment and Tattoo Guns

We will review all tattoo equipment in an effort to help our readers know which equipment works best for which techniques. We want you to be able to confidently go out and purchase a piece of tattoo equipment that will be useful to the type of tattoo work you will be doing.

Inks for Tattoo

We review tattoo inks all of the time. We try them on practice skin and our resident tattoo artist tries the inks on her customers so she can tell us how well the ink works, how easy it is to use, and how good it looks after the tattoo has healed.

Tattoo aftercare

There is more to getting a tattoo than simply allowing someone to put ink under your skin. We know that the care you give your tattoo will increase the look and length or durability of the artwork. We will cover tattoo care in-depth so that our readers know what they need to clean their tattoos with, what lotions to use, and how to spot a potential problem.


Tattoos are not our only department. We have piercing specialists that help us to explain piercings, their meanings, what physical ailments different piercings can address, and more. Our site is not just about selling you some equipment it is about educating you on body decoration, beauty concerns, and being the happiest and healthiest you that you can be.

Painful Joy Articles and Features

beauty jewelry body art

We will have in-depth articles that cover topics that have to do with beauty, jewelry, body art, and the accessorizing we can all use to demonstrate our own unique personalities and beliefs.

We will get expert beauty advice on things you can do to keep your skin healthy and looking younger for longer. We also plan to get beauty tips concerning makeup and permanent makeups like tattooed lip liner and eyeliners.

We want our readers to understand their physical appearance is unique to them. There are a lot of ways to enhance your looks. There are ways to honor your beliefs through body art and style. We do not want to tell you what you should look like, we want to tell you what is available, what is trending, and how the different looks are created and achieved.

Home Remedies for Tattooing

There are a lot of home remedies concerning tattoo fading, tattoo removal, skin care, and beauty treatments. We intend to look very closely at these home remedies and report to our readers which of them are actually helpful remedies and which of them are a waste of time.

We do not intend to simply sell you products although we will cover a lot of product reviews so you know what products are available for you. We want you to know everything you want to know about tattoos, accessories, beauty, skincare, piercings, fashion jewelry, and health treatments that use piercings.

We are proud to include bios of our top two tattoo artists and beauty specialist.

Amelia Berley

Amelia is our resident tattoo artist. Amelia started her career as a tattoo specialist in 2014.

She has always had a passion for drawing and sketching, and from her years of drawing, she has become proficient in making unique drawings that have depth and simplicity. While she was in college several of her friends and classmates asked her to help them design tattoos. She would listen to her friend and then make sketches that she felt conveyed the things the friend wanted to express to the world. In a very short time, she was making extra spending money at college simply drawing unique tattoo designs for people to take to other artists to complete.

In 2013 she met and fell in love with her soulmate. She designed matching tattoos for them to wear instead of wedding bands. She purchased tattoo equipment and did the tattooing herself, and the results led her down the road to creating her own career as a professional tattoo artist.

There is no tattoo that is too large, too small, or too difficult for Amelia. She is known for her exquisite designs and her color creations look like paintings instead of ink on skin. Her mono-colored tattoos have depth and shading that make you forget that only one color of ink was used. She is probably best known around here for her portrait replications.

Lisa Boyer

Lisa is our resident beauty and fashion expert. Growing up in the southern portion of the United States exposed Lisa to a large variety of people, fashions, and styles. She spent the majority of her time as a young girl playing with paper dolls or designing outfits for her collection of dolls.

By the time she was in middle school, she was sewing her own clothing and making many things for her friends and family. At the age of 14, she discovered makeup and how the subtle use of the right products could enhance or totally change a person’s appearance.

In college, she went to work for a local tattoo and piercing salon. She helped sketch tattoo designs, and helped people to learn things they could do to help them look the way they wanted, and not just the way society told them they should look.

In 2017 she began working with Amelia in her studio. The two of them create some of the most unique tattoo designs to be found in the country. They also help people to make have positive images of themselves that they can declare to the world.

Lisa helps recommend the makeups and piercings that can create the change-over, and Amelia creates artwork on the skin that can only be described as extraordinary. Each tattoo is uniquely drawn, detailed in size and color, and then executed with precise care.

We invite you to follow us on a regular, if not daily basis to find out the different things we have covered since your last visit. We ask you to share us with all of your friends and rely on us to help you find the answers you need, learn the latest trends, and be the person you choose to be with no pressure and no judgments.