Best Tattoo Removal Laser Machine in 2022

If you work as a tattoo artist there are going to be times when someone comes to you with a tattoo they want to be removed. It is very smart for a tattoo shop to have a removal device on hand to help these people.

I talked to several tattoo artists and dermatologists to try and find the best tattoo removal laser machine. These professionals suggested the machines they use, and they also gave me insight into what makes a tattoo machine great, and how to choose one that would be efficient and effective.

The 6 Best Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Reviews

#1. Tattoo Eliminating Pen by NeatCell

Tattoo Eliminating Pen by NeatCell

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This picosecond pen is small, lightweight, easy to use, and effective. It can help eliminate ink from tattoos, freckles, melanin deposits, and dark spots from the skin in a virtually painless method.

This device can be used by professionals or it can be used by amateurs. It does take several applications to totally remove some tattoos and problematic skin discolorations. Many people prefer to purchase the item and use it in the privacy of their own homes.

There is almost no pain associated with the use of this machine. It produces light and heat, but the intensity of those elements is less than you will experience with some other tattoo removal devices.

The device comes with glasses to protect your eyes. You will get a pair of black protective shades and a pair of yellow-tinted shades that protect you while you are operating the machine but give you enough light to be able to clearly see what you are doing.


  • Versatile and works on tattoo inks, unwanted hair, dark pigmentation on skin
  • Non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets
  • Does not require any training to use


  • You MUST wear the eye protection while being exposed to this unit

#2. Tattoo Eliminating Device by Neatcell

Tattoo Eliminating Device by Neatcell

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This is a wireless tattoo removal machine so it is easier for you to position the machine in the exact location. It has a stable energy output and the battery is recharged by connecting it to a computer via a USB charging cord,

This is a small handheld device that can be used by experienced artists and by beginners. The operation videos and instruction manual are easy to understand and will teach you everything you need to know to be successful with the device.

The device will require the user to go over the area they wish to lighten in more than one application. Each time you use the device the ink under your skin will be broken into smaller bits. During the process, the light and heat created by the unit will not be extreme and will not cause you undo comfort. You will not be burned while using this device.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Detailed instruction video is easy to follow
  • Wireless so you are free to move around


  • Takes several applications to be effective

#3. Tattoo Eliminating Pen by BuWiz

Tattoo Eliminating Pen by BuWiz

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This is a picosecond device that can be used to remove tattoos, reduce the appearance of freckles and dark spots on your skin, and help you to feel more attractive. Many people have tattoo ink they want to be rid of. This small device will help to eliminate that ink without causing a great deal of pain or inconvenience.

The pen is a handheld device that does not weigh much more than your electric toothbrush. It is faster than many similar devices and will require fewer treatment repeats.

The device is very affordable so just about anyone that has tattoo ink they want to disappear can buy one of these units. You can use the device in the privacy of your own home. You do not need any experience or a license to be able to order this unit.

It applies pulses of light that help break up the ink and allow your body to naturally remove the pieces. It is non-toxic and will not get hot enough to cause discomfort or burning of the skin.


  • Non-invasive
  • Easy to use
  • Will not cause burns or irritation


  • May not be effective on some older tattoo inks
  • May not be effective on some older tattoo inks

#4. Cordless PicoSecond Pen by BuWiz

Cordless PicoSecond Pen by BuWiz

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This beauty device is small enough to be held in your hand. It is effective and efficient and anyone can use it. Reducing the appearance of scars, freckles, dark spots, and tattoo ink has never been easier.

If you follow the instructions, you will not suffer any damages to your skin. It is designed for multiple treatment use so you do not apply too great an amount of light or heat to any one area. It is safe for home use or you can use it in your tattoo shop or beauty shop to help others remove unwanted dark areas from their skin.

The device has multiple settings that allow it to be stronger and remove darker ink or be gentler and remove lighter ink areas. If you have never used a device like this before start with a low setting and make sure your skin can tolerate the procedure.


  • Can be used in commercial shops
  • Very safe and effective
  • Small and lightweight


  • May cause severe skin irritation and redness

#5. Tattoo Removal Machine by Vinmax


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This is a total package removal device. It can remove hair from the eyebrows and under your nose without leaving an unsightly scar. If you have freckles, age spots, dark pigment areas or unwanted tattoo ink this device can help rid you of them.

There is a foot pedal that allows the user to control the device without having to free up one of their hands. It is a durable device that causes fewer chances of skin burn or irritation than many similar devices.

This unit can be used by a beginner or it can be added to the experienced tattoo artist’s arsenal of tools. It is very simple to use and for many functions, the machine will perform the process the first time with no repeat visits.

The use of the device can improve the texture of your skin. It can help you create the flawless skin that you have been trying to achieve with foundation makeup and covering agents.


  • Easy to use
  • Removes unwanted hair
  • Causes little to know skin burns


  • Foot pedal only

#6. Tattoo Removal Machine by CNCEST

Tattoo Removal Machine by CNCEST

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This machine is capable of removing almost every tattoo, skin flaw, dark spot, and unwanted freckles. It is powerful, but it is also safe to use with very little chance of anyone being injured by the procedure if the instructions are carefully followed.

This is a larger machine that is best suited for professional offices, salons, and tattoo parlors. It is very easy to use and a homeowner can purchase and use it for private usage if desired. 

It is perfect for the removal of black, grey, red, and yellow inks. It has a 300-watt laser that is powerful and small enough to transport. It comes with a travel container to help keep everything together and protected while in transport.

This is a powerful device and it can cause skin irritation and discomfort if it is not used according to the instructions. You should use the practice paper method to learn to operate the unit prior to practicing on a human.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Big enough for salons and treatment centers
  • Safe


  • While powerful this machine may not remove every tattoo

Things to Consider Before Buying Tattoo Removal Machines

Things to Consider Before Buying Tattoo Removal Machine

Why Is Laser Technology for Tattoo Removal?

Laser technology has given us the opportunity to rid our skin of unwanted tattoos, dark pigments, and even lighten freckles and reduce the aggressive look of some scars.

The lasers are a non-invasive method of removing tattoo ink. They use a burst of light that breaks the ink into small pieces, and then the body flushes the small pieces out. No penetration, cutting, or punctures are required.

The laser technology has opened a possibility of tattoo removal to many people who thought they were forever stuck with ink they no longer wanted.

Laser tattoo removal benefits include:

  • No scarring after the ink is removed. There is no cutting of the skin or burning of the skin that could create disfigurement.
  • Virtually no pain during the process
  • No exposure to bloodborne illness because this is non-invasive.
  • No exposure to bloodborne illness because this is non-invasive.
  • There is a high success rate associated with laser removal

Laser removal does have some cons:

  • Usually, you have to have repeated treatments in order to totally remove the tattoo
  • The skin becomes inflamed by the irritation and this can introduce infection
  • The process does have pain associated with it
  • The skin color of the area may be left uneven and blotchy after the procedure

Working Capacity of The Machine

Working Capacity of The Machine

The way the machine works, and the strength of the laser light pulses will determine how effective the machine is.

Lower wattage and weaker machines are not going to remove a large detailed tattoo in one session. You will have to do repeated sessions if you are using one of these devices. That is not necessarily a bad thing.

Higher wattage machines may remove the ink faster with fewer treatments but they pose a hazard of burns, skin discoloration, and much more pain during the procedures.

Cost of Tattoo Laser Machines Repairing, Replacing 

We all know that at some time equipment like laser tattoo removal devices will break. If you own one of these devices you have to consider the cost of replacing or repairing them.

Repairing the device will have cost dependent on the repair technician charges for their hourly labor, plus the cost of the replacement parts. Many of these tattoo removal devices are manufactured in Germany and other countries so getting the parts to repair the machines may be more expensive because they have to be ordered from overseas.

Replacing the entire machine can cost between $100 and several hundred dollars. The price of the machine is determined by the size of the machine, style and strength of the unit.


The laser machine does not need a lot of intensive cleaning. For the most part you will wipe them down with a sterilizer cloth so that no germs can be spread from one person to another.

Make sure the machine you are choosing is easy to clean and has sealed components that are not exposed to any dirt, grime, dust or contaminants.

Types of tattoo removal machine 

Types of tattoo removal machineĀ 

There are several different styles of tattoo machines available. Some of them are better suited to large professional establishments that have experienced artists on site but some are acceptable for private in-home use by novices.

Handheld Tattoo Removal Machine

Handheld machines that remove tattoos are some of the most popular machines used by beginners and smaller businesses. These machines are lightweight, they usually cost far less than the bigger machines, and they can be used by practically anyone.

These are great for smaller tattoos. You will have to undergo the removal treatment several times in order to remove a tattoo using one of these devices.

Low Wattage Tattoo Removal Machine

Low wattage machines are great for removing tattoos with less pain and less possibility of skin damage. These machines are more expensive than the handheld varieties, but they are often small enough to be transportable.

The low wattage will be able to remove home tattoos easiest, and tattoos created with certain variations of inks. The tattoos that are done with inks in the blue hues are more difficult to remove and are going to require several treatments and possibly a higher wattage machine,

Higher Wattage Tattoo Removal Machine

The higher wattage machines should be used by a professional. There is a large risk of burns and irritations to the skin when you use the higher wattage devices.

Fewer treatments will be required when you are using the more powerful device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the most advanced laser for tattoo removal?

Cynosure is considered to currently be the most advanced laser technology available. The picosecond lasers are the second runner in being the advanced lasers on the market today.

Does Neatcell really remove tattoos?

Neatcell is the manufacturer of several different laser machines. The machines are capable of removing tattoos, but like all laser machines the removal process may take several days, and it may not fully remove some tattoos.

Are old tattoos harder to remove?

Most of the time older tattoos are easier to remove. The skin is always shedding layers so older tattoos are not as deeply embedded as newer tattoos and will be easier to remove.

What is the hardest color tattoo to remove?

All tattoo artists agree that green is by far the hardest pigment to remove from the skin. Neon colors are very hard to remove and will require several removal treatments even with the most powerful laser removal devices.


Tattoo removal is possible. At one time the only way to get a tattoo removed was to have it cut off or to have the skin burned. Both methods were painful, costly and they left horrendous scars. Today tattoo artists have laser removal machines at their disposal to help their customers do away with ink they no longer like.

If you are looking for an affordable laser machine that you can use at home to get rid of an unwanted tattoo, we suggest the wireless Tattoo Eliminating Device by Neatcell. It has a rechargeable battery, it is lightweight, and is not much bigger than your electric toothbrush.

If you are looking for a higher-powered removal device to use in your tattoo business we recommend the Tattoo Removal Machine by CNCEST. It is strong and will remove the majority of all tattoos in fewer visits than most of the smaller handheld devices.

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