Best Tanning Lotions for Tattoos 2022 – Reviews & Guides

I recently had a discussion with some friends over the possibility of tanning after receiving a tattoo. I quickly discovered that the thoughts on this subject were all over the board, and the facts on this subject were hard to find. I decided that I would ask a few professional tattoo artists and a couple of dermatologists for the real facts.

The experts told me all they knew about tanning after getting ink. They included a list of lotions they considered to be the best tanning lotion for tattoo protection. I hope this information helps protect your ink and your skin.

The 7 Best Tanning Lotion for Tattoos

#1. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Black Label Bronzer by Tanovations 

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Black Label Bronzer by Tanovations

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The Black Label Coconut Kisses bronzers stimulate the melatonin in your skin to cause it to react and darken at a faster rate. That means less time in the sun will produce a deeper tan. The product is designed to provide immediate bronzing results so your tattoo would get less UV light exposure that could cause it to fade.

This lotion helps you to get a natural-looking tan without spending hours in the tanning bed or the sun. It also provides benefits like the reduction of cellulite appearances and the promotion of firmer skin.

You can use this bronzer indoors to get the deep color you want, and you can also wear it when you go outdoors. This is not a self-tanning lotion. You must be exposed to a tanning bed or the natural sun in order for the lotion to darken your skin.


  • Reduces the amount of UV light required to darken your skin
  • Non-greasy formula
  • Can be used by both sexes and does not have a strong odor after applied


  • This is not a self-tanning lotion; exposure to UV rays is required

#2. Ed Hardy Sorry Not Sorry Bronzer by Tanovations

Ed Hardy Sorry Not Sorry Bronzer by Tanovations

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Ultimate fade protection for tattoos. It takes your time in the tanning bed and increases the effectiveness so you get a richer and darker tan. The bronzer in the lotion is activated by the UV light from the tanning bed or from the natural sun. It then speeds up the melatonin reaction to this light and helps you get a darker tan.

It does not cause discoloration on your palms when you apply it. It can take your skin to a rich caramel color because it is a 50X bronzing agent. It does not stain your clothing or transfer to your clothing. You do want to rub the lotion in quickly after placing it on the skin to prevent a darker spot from forming where the lotion sat on the skin. Also, you should wash your hands after application to prevent your palms from darkening.


  • Keeps tattoos from fading when exposed to UV lights
  • Great for men or women
  • Non-toxic and causes little or no skin irritation
  • Does not have the orange color many bronzers have


  • Can leave dark patches on the skin if not rub in quickly

#3. Ed Hardy Get Ripped Tattoo Fade Protection by Tanovations

Ed Hardy Get Ripped Tattoo Fade Protection by Tanovations

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Get Ripped bronzer has an oil-free formula that allows you to get the skin tone you want without the possibility of burns or fading your beautiful ink. It is effective in the sun or at the tanning salon.

One of the unique features of the lotion is the tingling sensation that people feel it right after they apply the lotion. The tingle is a trademark feeling. It is also formulated to go on the skin in smooth applications that leave a seamless look to your skin.

The scent of this lotion is more masculine than some other bronzer scents. It is reminiscent of a good cologne for men. It is quickly absorbed by the skin so it does not leave you feeling greasy. It also has a unique cooling effect that makes you more comfortable while you are tanning.


  • Non-greasy formula
  • Works in regular sun light or can be used in tanning beds
  • Great for men


  • Very masculine scent

#4. Devoted Creations Tanning Butter by Devoted Creations

Devoted Creations Tanning Butter by Devoted Creations

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Hydration is the key to soft and supple skin. The Devoted Creations tanning butter helps to keep the moisture content in your skin high enough to keep you looking younger, and feeling amazing.

This is a great product for people who are out in the sun or lying in the tanning bed because it protects the moisture in your skin while you are exposed to the UV rays. It also has anti-aging and skin firming properties that prevent you from looking older than your years due to sun exposure.

You get a more natural-looking tan using this product because it does not contain a bronzer. It helps your own melatonin in your skin react to the UV rays and darken. You do not get the orange look that some bronzers caus. It does not turn your hands orange and it does not stain your clothing, towel, or tanning bed.


  • Skin firming and anti-aging ingredients
  • Causes no discoloration of skin
  • Non-toxic and safe even for sensitive skin


  • May not be as quick as some other products

#5. Solid Black Bronzer by Millennium Tanning

Solid Black Bronzer by Millennium Tanning

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This tanning bronzer is silicone-infused and capable of helping you deepen your tan to a rich bronze that would take an entire summer to achieve if you do not have this accelerator. This is a bronzing agent that can be used indoors or outdoors. It is not a self-tanning agent.

This tanning lotion does not have sunscreen or protection in it. It is designed to help your skin make the most of the sun exposure so you turn darker at a faster rate.

Wash your hands after applying this lotion because it can cause some discoloration on your palm. It goes on smoothly but you must be careful to blend it in and not create streaks or lines. The color of your tan will not have the orange tinge that many other bronzing agents create.


  • Speeds tanning up so you get bronze faster
  • Easy to apply
  • Does not leave a lingering foul odor


  • Causes skin discoloration of palms, and possibly of other areas

#6. Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion by Tanovations

Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion by Tanovations

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The coconut oil, coconut milk, and cocoa butter in this lotion will give you the ultimate amount of hydration and a lovely scent that is soothing. The coconut products are great for hydration of the skin, and the addition of a hint of vanilla to the formula causes the scent of the lotion to be wonderful.

This is the Ed Hardy Golden Tanning Lotion that you have come to love. The brand is owned and produced by Tanovations and a change to the label has occurred. Ed Hardy was removed from the label and a palm tree was put in that place. The formula of the lotion has not changed.

This bronzer does have the tingling sensation that you expect and want. It is quick to be absorbed so you do not feel slick. It is also not going to leave you with the fake orange color of a self-tanning lotion. It is designed to be worn when you are tanning inside or outside.


  • Hydrates and smooths
  • Non-toxic formula can be used by almost everyone
  • Does not leave you feeling greasy


  • May cause you to react harshly to the sunlight and this might make you burn faster

#7. Ed Hardy Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer by Tanovations

Ed Hardy Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer by Tanovations

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Dry skin sufferers now have a bronzer that is formulated specifically for them. The Obnoxious Extreme is one of the most intensely hydrating tanning lotions/bronzers on the market.

The lotion creates a tingling sensation when applied to your skin. Immediately after use, you may also notice redness of your skin but this redness will disappear after you shower. It is not an allergic reaction or a permanent discoloration of the skin.

This is a light brown lotion that is going to allow your skin to reach a deep caramel/bronze color when you use a tanning bed or tan outside in the UV rays of the sun. This lotion is designed to help the skin darken quicker and does not have a sunscreen agent that will prevent burning. Be cautious when you go out into the sun and make sure that you do not burn due to exposure.


  • Gentle enough to be used on dry or fragile skin
  • Hydrates and prepares skin for tanning
  • Easy to apply
  • Does not create an orange hue on the skin


  • Can cause redness and irritation

How Long to Wait for Tanning After Getting A Tattoo? 

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If you have a new tattoo that is less than two months old it is recommended that you avoid tanning in the sun or tanning bed unless you cover the tattoo adequately. You will want to cover the tattoo with a bandage to protect it from the UV rays of the sun for at least 60 days, and if the tattoo is not perfectly healed in that 60-day period it is recommended that you wait until it is healed before you tan.

When you do go outside or to the tanning bed, a high SPF lotion should be applied to the tattoo area to prevent the ink of the tattoo from fading from the effects of the sun.

Guide to Safely Tanning with Tattoos – 

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If you have a new tattoo then you want to engage in proper aftercare to protect the skin around the ink, and protect the ink from accelerated fading.

If you use self-tanning lotions you should refrain from applying them until the tattoo has completely healed. You want all of the scabbing to be complete before you apply self-tanning lotions. The self-tanning lotions may cause the ink of your tattoo to appear to be a different color or shade. Test a very small section of your tattoo prior to applying these lotions.

To engage in tanning rituals in a tanning bed or in an outdoor setting you should protect the tattoo with high-quality sunscreen. If you use a bronzer that has no SPF value it is recommended that you apply a protectant with at least a 45 SPF prior to applying the bronzer.

Most tattoo artists recommend covering your tattoo with protective clothing for the first two to three months. This allows your skin time to heal completely. You should never apply sunscreen to a tattoo that is less than two weeks old. You also do not want to apply any lotion to a tattoo that has a scab, is oozing, or is red and inflamed.

People Also Ask About Tattoo Tanning Lotions

How can I protect my tattoo in a tanning bed?

The tanning bed exposes your skin to ultra-violet rays like the sun does. These rays can cause a tattoo to fade quicker than normal. While tanning your tattoo should be protected by a lotion that has a high SPF of 45 or more. If your tattoo is less than three months old you should consider covering it with a bandage while you tan.

How long should you wait to use a tanning bed after getting a tattoo?

The majority of tattoo artists recommend that you want a minimum of one month and a maximum of three months after getting a tattoo. A tanning bed can severely affect the ink of a tattoo and can cause it to fade, or be absorbed by the body and removed. You can consider covering the area with a bandage while you are in the tanning bed.

Should I wrap my new tattoo at night?

It is NOT recommended that you wrap a tattoo at night. You can wear light clothing over the tattoo but choose clothing that allows your skin to breathe. Wrapping the tattoo can stop the healing process and can cause natural scabbing from happening.

Are Tattoo tanning lotions effective?

There are many effective tanning lotions that people who have tattoos can use. Read the manufacturer’s specifications and descriptions of the lotion. The lotion that is applied to a tattoo should be a protectant and not just an enhancer or bronzer.


Sun worshipping individuals with body art can enjoy the bronze colored skin they desire and keep the tattoo they love looking great too. The main thing that you have to remember about tattoos and tanning is the sun can cause the ink of the tattoo to fade. You must wear a lotion that has an SPF of at least 45 if you want adequate protection.

Always follow the advice of your tattoo artist and your physician concerning tanning, lotions, and the protection your skin needs.

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