Best Tattoo Artist Chair, Stool, Table & Bed Reviews in 2022

The tattoo chair that you provide your customers can increase their comfort and decrease the difficulty of applying the ink. There is a myriad of styles and sizes of these chairs and we felt it prudent to ask chair owners why they choose the chairs they have, and how to choose the best tattoo artist chair.

The tips and advice we received were very helpful. There were so many recommendations from the experts that we narrowed our list down to the most frequently recommended items.

The Best 7 Tattoo Artist Chair & Stool

#1. Portable Lightweight Leather Chair by Nova Microdermabrasion

Portable Lightweight Leather Chair by Nova Microdermabrasion

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This portable chair comes with a carry bag to protect it during transport. It only weighs 23 pounds so it is easy to pick up and move, and that is great for the tattoo artist that does their work from different locations.

The chair is excellent for tattoo work, and also makes a great spa or massage chair. The chair is highly adjustable to create a comfortable place for your clients according to their size. You can adjust the armrests, the face cradle, the seat, the chest pad, and the head support separately to make a custom fit for each client.

The frame is made of steel and is very sturdy. The chair can support up to 250 pounds. It is very affordable and suitable for an office, a shop or salon, or for home use.


  • Steel frame
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to clean covering


  • Cannot support weights over 250 pounds so may not be suitable for larger or taller customers

#2. Adjustable Table Chair by Bellavie

Adjustable Table Chair by Bellavie

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This adjustable table chair can allow your customer to achieve complete comfort and relaxation. It has an adjustable back that can be situated to create a seat with back support, or you can lower the back and create a place where the client can fully recline and you can reach areas that are impossible to reach when the client is sitting.

This is a sturdy table that can support up to 300 pounds. The covering is leather so it can easily be wiped clean and disinfected after each use. It is a soft and supple leather that people find quite pleasing to look at and touch. The padding is thick and will allow the client to reach maximum comfort.

It is easy to set up and the only tool you might need is an adjustable wrench. The adjustments to change angles do not require any tools to change. It is very sturdy but not attached to the floor. That means when heavier clients first get on the bed you might experience some tilting but the chair is strong and can support the client size and weight.


  • Comfortable
  • Does not have to be bolted to the floor
  • Can accommodate big and tall customers
  • Easy to maintain


  • Leather must be properly maintained or it will begin to crack and peel.

#3. Hydraulic Tattoo Bed/Chair by InkBed

Hydraulic Tattoo Bed/Chair by InkBed

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This is a fabulous seat for anyone getting tattoo work, permanent makeup, or massages. The adjustment possibilities on this chair are endless. The armrests and the leg rests adjust separately. The headrest pillow can be removed if the client needs to lie on their stomach. The greatest feature is the foot-controlled hydraulic lift that will position the chair at the best height for you to do your work.

You are more comfortable because you can reach the client easier so your work is improved. The client is more comfortable so they can sit still for longer periods of time and that means your work is improved.

When a client is comfortable and relaxed, they will experience less pain than when they are seated in an uncomfortable position on an uncomfortable chair. The leather covering of the seat allows you to keep it sterilized and clean. The steel frame allows it to be sturdy and handle a greater amount of weight.

The chair is on casters so it is not attached to the floor. You can move the chair to get the best light and be closer to other resources you might need while you work. It is a great tattoo chair, massage therapy chair, and salon chair.


  • Versatile for many practices
  • Leather covering is easy to clean after each use
  • No maintenance is required
  • Does not need to be permanently attached to one place


  • The casters on the chair do not always lock completely so chair may move while you are working.

#4. Rolling Stool by Nova Microdermabrasions

Rolling Stool by Nova Microdermabrasions

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The rolling stool is designed for the artist and not the client. It provides you a comfortable place to sit that gives you freedom of movement, and the ability to swivel around to reach items that might be behind you. It has wheels so you can move around the client.

It has a height adjustment to make it the best height according to your size. It can accommodate a weight of up to 250 pounds. The cushion is thick and you can sit on it for many hours without getting the numbing sensation of sitting on something too firm.

This stool is easy to assemble and the Allen wrench that you need to do this work with is supplied with the seat. The rolling base is wide so it maintains a greater amount of stability.


  • Rolling base makes it easy to move the chair to the best lighting position in the room
  • Supports big and tall customers
  • Affordably priced
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Some assembly is required when it arrives

#5. Swivel Stool Chair with Backrest by Microdermabrasion

Swivel Stool Chair with Backrest by Microdermabrasion

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This swivel stool chair is a perfect accessory for tattoo artists, doctors, health care workers, nail salons, hair salons, and more. It is comfortable and provides the seated individual with much-needed back support.

The chair has a wide base and casters so you can glide across the floor and reach the items you need while you are working. It has a hydraulic adjustment so you can raise or lower the seat according to your height and preference. 

The stool can be used by the tattoo artist or the client dependent on what you need. There are no armrests or other chair features to get in the way and stop you from reaching the area you need.

It is very sturdy and can support a weight of up to 300 pounds. It adjusts from an 18” height to a 24.5” height at the seat and the overall height adjustments encompass 21” to 27”.


  • Hydraulic lift aids in adjustments
  • Versatile and practical for many services types
  • Easy to move


  • Heavier than some similar chairs

#6. Adjustable Artist Table and Rolling Stool by Artist Hand

Adjustable Artist Table and Rolling Stool by Artist Hand

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The artist table is designed with the ultimate comfort. You can adjust the backrest from a 900 to a 1800 angle. This allows your customer to sit upright with their legs either down or lifted. It also allows you to position them in lying positions so you can reach areas like the small of the back.

The legs adjust from a 450 angle to an 1800 angle. The client has their legs supported and can reach a greater level of comfort due to the adjustments. The seating area is thickly padded and cushioned, but the covering of the cushions is leather and easy to clean and sanitize.

The table can uphold a weight as great as 375 pounds. It is very easy to assemble, and the stool that accompanies the table is easy to adjust, and covered with the same great cushion and material. There are armrests on the table so the client does not feel like they will slip off of the table while you are working.


  • Supports up to 375 pounds
  • Arm rests are wide and comfortable for the client to use
  • Easy to keep sanitary


  • More expensive than some similar products

#7. Adjustable Table by Ohana

Adjustable Table by Ohana

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This adjustable table provides a perfect working surface for tattoo artists, salon professionals applying lashes or permanent make-up, and massage therapy experts. It is sturdy and has a sleek design that is minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing so it matches any office décor.

The white leather covering of the chair is easy to clean and easy to sanitize. White looks cleaner and calms the patient. It has a thick pillow at the head of the table to support the head and neck of the client, and it is doubled stitch to strengthen seams and reduce possible ripping or tearing.

This seat is adjustable at the back and the legs. You can position your client to allow you easier access or you can position them for the highest comfort level. The base is made from sturdy steel that gives it strength and increases its durability. The armrests can be removed to provide you easier access while you are working.


  • Removable armrests for convenience
  • Crisp clean design
  • Comfortable


  • Slightly bulky and larger than many similar items

Things to Remember Before Buying a Tattoo Artist Chair

Things to Remember Before Buying a Tattoo Artist Chair

A tattoo artist’s chair can be a device used by the artist to sit on while they work, or it can be the chair that the client will sit on while you work. Before you rush out to buy one of these pieces of furniture you need to understand the features you might find available and what those features mean to you.

To get the best tattoo artist chair you need to consider where the chair will be placed and if you need it to be portable. You need to decide if your clients may occasionally need to be lying down for you to reach the right area of their body. You also have to decide how much you can afford to spend.

Make a list of what you need so you can compare your needs to the chair features and find the best seat.


If you are looking for a seat for the artist to use then you want to get a rolling swivel stool. The artist must have freedom of movement, and they must be able to quickly move to reach items they need while they are working. The rolling stools give this ability.

The rolling stools may come without a backrest or with a backrest. You really want to think about this. The backrest can provide more comfort to you while you are working but they can also change the way you can sit on the stool, and can make the seat more expensive.

The client seats are normally table-style that have adjustable backs. The back adjustments allow you to position the client in a seated style or allow them to lie down so you can reach areas like the small of their back.


The amount of adjustability the seat has increases the benefits you get from it and also can increase the price of the chair. Adjustments to stools will be simple up and down adjustments that change the height of the seat, but the adjustments to tables may change the height, allow the backrest to be raised or lowered, and allow the leg support to be set at different angles.

Some chairs have hydraulic adjustments which raise the price but make it super easy for you to make the needed adjustments. Besides, the tattoo chairs don’t forget to check tattoo practice skin review posts. 


You want sturdy frames that are not going to bend or easily break. The sturdiness of the frame is going to determine the amount of weight the chair can support. You want the chair to support at least 250 pounds, but if you can get one that supports 300+ pounds then your secure no matter what size the client walks through your door.

Get a leather or plastic covering that can be easily wiped down or sanitized. Do not get a chair with a cloth covering. Plastic coverings are not as comfortable as leather, but with leather, you add maintenance concerns like keeping the leather moisturized.

FAQ About Tattoo Chair and Bench

Why should you use a tattoo chair?

The tattoo chair is designed to keep you and the client more comfortable while you work. If the client is comfortable, they can remain still so your work turns out better. If you are more comfortable then you can keep a steady hand and work for longer amounts of time to create better design results.

Why can’t I use a tattoo bench?

The bench-style seat for clients does not offer the adjustments that help you to position the customer for easy access to the tattoo area. The bench will not let the client be as comfortable and may shorten the length of time they can remain still for the work. You can use a bench if you choose but they are not as comfortable as adjustable tables and chairs are.

What are hydraulic tattoo chairs?

Hydraulic tattoo chairs have a base like the chairs you see in barbershops and salons. The artist can place their foot on a specialized pedal and lift the client to a height that is easier for the artist to work at. They move up and down with a fluid motion and are often mounted to the floor so they are less likely to tip or rock when the client gets in the chair.

If you are interested in tattoo power supplies along with tattoo artist chairs, don’t miss our extensive article on the guide to choosing the best tattoo power supplies.

Final Word 

Doing body artwork like tattooing can take from several minutes to several sessions to complete. Many of the detailed designs have the artist working for several hours so the client and the artist must both be as comfortable as possible to allow the creation to be flawless.

Choosing the right chair for your clients and for you is crucial in creating a workplace where you are comfortable and capable of working with a steady hand.

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